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Maximilian Von Hotdog Walking 5 Weeks Post Surgery5 viewsFive weeks after Max's second IVDD surgery (1st Cervical, 2nd Thoracic vertebrae) he is walking albeit a little wobbly and with help! Here is a video:
Graduate 8 viewsMolly enjoying her first day back to the park
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41 viewsKerryJ's naughty little boys: Bert and Ernie
38 viewsJudyC: "My Sweet Dear Love, Scarlett"
72 viewsTony says: Finally! Ray's out of the damn crate and sniffing the wind!
55 viewsPennyC's Sherman, my 20 lb. small standard buddy has graduated post-op surgery crate rest.
56 viewsJohnR's Louie
45 viewsJohnR's Louie is now paralized but he used to run like the wind.
45 viewsHannaW's Annie has earned two titles in "Agility." Last night is the first time to learn Annie was born with IVDD. Her nerves are affected with wobbly legs. The surgeon believes she can heal her disc with conservative treatment.
75 viewsCarolynP's Smiling Sammy
64 viewsRebeccaE's Arthur Lounging
74 viewsShelbyD's Charlie —Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it's different than the one you had before.
112 viewsShay's Liebchen out for a quick walk in the snow before being whisked back inside. She enjoys being pain-free again!
75 viewsAlixM's Gretta getting laser therapy at her first IVDD rehab session eyes protected with goggles.
63 viewsAlix' Gretta IS the elusive monarch butteredsausagefl and a Happy Hallowiener.
107 viewsJohnT's Max says" Thank you for my new ball Dad. I really like it!1 comments
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