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350 viewsRussell's Carly being inquisitive again as she relearned how to walk after being stricken with IVDD in May.1 comments09/21/14 at 23:35Dachsie: Carly continues to improve after surgery in May to...
334 viewsJen's Louie: wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine1 comments09/19/14 at 20:34Dachsie: Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always br...
341 viewsCarol's Cooper: third chair.1 comments09/16/14 at 15:52Dachsie: The beginning of Sparky Coopers 3rd wheelchair, he...
345 viewsCarol's Cooper: 2nd chair1 comments09/16/14 at 15:50Dachsie: This is Sparky Cooper on his wheelchair, it was gr...
421 viewsWilson's 8-pack traveling in style in their stroller.
BOTTOM Row: Daisy, Lance, Scamp & Augusta; MIDDLE Row: Winnie & Meadow; TOP Row: Oscar & Shadow All 4 of our males have had IVDD. Lance & Scamp received conservative treatment. Shadow and Oscar had surgery.
1 comments08/30/14 at 13:14Dachsie: Do they pick straws for the top position? Very cut...
342 viewsLilli's Mae is loving the warm summer weather in Germany.1 comments08/18/14 at 07:53Dachsie: Beautiful!
339 views1 comments08/18/14 at 07:52Dachsie: Very nice photography. Happy dog!
340 views1 comments08/18/14 at 07:51Dachsie: Very cute expression!
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