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61 viewsI’m ChrisitneL's Meeko!! Just turned 15!!!! Even though I have had several IVDD problems I can still take a few steps here and there... especially when there’s treats involved!1 comments09/24/18 at 14:28Dachsie: Cutie!!!
61 viewsLaurieS's Peewee and Shadow1 comments09/23/18 at 03:47Dachsie: Peewee and Shadow. Peewee had IVDD this year but ...
63 viewsRobW's dear Oliver Wendell Holmes, Noble Beast, is the sweetest soul and love of his life. He’s 14 months from his last bout of IVDD and doing great. Peace to all!! Rob1 comments09/22/18 at 09:56Dachsie: Gorgeous up, but I’m biased.
56 viewsKristinH's Dexter celebrates Independence Day!1 comments09/15/18 at 16:17Dachsie: Dexter
58 viewsJackieA's Maxine had a herniated neck and lower back disc over a month ago. "I went to the vet and got on some pain meds and steroids. I had to be crate rest for 6 weeks. I started accupuncure and that helped alot! I can stand on all four of my legs. I'm walking, running but no stairs yet, mom said no. I know I have to watch what I do from now on. Trust me, there is hope❤"1 comments09/14/18 at 21:30Dachsie: Love love love
59 viewsSandyG's Giggle: I may be 13 years old and gray, but I still wiggle when I walk and giggle when I talk! I’m lucky I’ve come through 2 spells with my back with consertive treatment. 1 comments09/05/18 at 14:26Dachsie: Beautiful girl 💜
61 viewsTheresaM's Grayson recouperating from IVDD Surgery, Grayson has adapted well to his stroller while he’s on crate rest! 1 comments09/05/18 at 13:56Dachsie: Cutie!
59 viewsSally's Nora: my stubborn , brave , lovable , loyal , charming french bulldog , enjoying her new restful life post surgery 1 comments09/05/18 at 13:52Dachsie: Nora showing what she thinks of walkies
60 viewsHowie at 12 years old on July 31st 20181 comments09/05/18 at 13:50Dachsie: Howie at 12 years old on July 31st 2018
67 viewsKimS's Franky had back surgery in October, 2016. After rehab and a lot of work and prayer, he is walking like normal and loving on his "blue bunny"! Soft toys of all colors are called "blue bunnies"!1 comments08/14/18 at 21:12Dachsie: Soft toys of all colors are called "blue bunn...
70 viewsChrisM's' Oscar is 19 years old and going strong. He has been through multiple episodes of disk problems. With conservative treatment, including early drug intervention and crate rest he’s recovered quickly from each episode. There is always hope.
He lost his brother from heart failure about 3 years ago, who also had disk issues. He too always recovered with strict conservative treatment.
1 comments08/07/18 at 11:58Dachsie: He's awesome. We currently have an 18 year ol...
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