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108 viewsJohnT's Max says" Thank you for my new ball Dad. I really like it!1 comments10/31/18 at 11:09Dachsie: He's so cute!
68 viewsI’m ChrisitneL's Meeko!! Just turned 15!!!! Even though I have had several IVDD problems I can still take a few steps here and there... especially when there’s treats involved!1 comments09/24/18 at 11:28Dachsie: Cutie!!!
69 viewsLaurieS's Peewee and Shadow1 comments09/23/18 at 00:47Dachsie: Peewee and Shadow. Peewee had IVDD this year but ...
70 viewsRobW's dear Oliver Wendell Holmes, Noble Beast, is the sweetest soul and love of his life. He’s 14 months from his last bout of IVDD and doing great. Peace to all!! Rob1 comments09/22/18 at 06:56Dachsie: Gorgeous up, but I’m biased. Laughing
62 viewsKristinH's Dexter celebrates Independence Day!1 comments09/15/18 at 13:17Dachsie: Dexter
64 viewsJackieA's Maxine had a herniated neck and lower back disc over a month ago. "I went to the vet and got on some pain meds and steroids. I had to be crate rest for 6 weeks. I started accupuncure and that helped alot! I can stand on all four of my legs. I'm walking, running but no stairs yet, mom said no. I know I have to watch what I do from now on. Trust me, there is hope❤"1 comments09/14/18 at 18:30Dachsie: Love love love
65 viewsSandyG's Giggle: I may be 13 years old and gray, but I still wiggle when I walk and giggle when I talk! I’m lucky I’ve come through 2 spells with my back with consertive treatment. 1 comments09/05/18 at 11:26Dachsie: Beautiful girl 💜
67 viewsTheresaM's Grayson recouperating from IVDD Surgery, Grayson has adapted well to his stroller while he’s on crate rest! 1 comments09/05/18 at 10:56Dachsie: Cutie! Laughing
65 viewsSally's Nora: my stubborn , brave , lovable , loyal , charming french bulldog , enjoying her new restful life post surgery 1 comments09/05/18 at 10:52Dachsie: Nora showing what she thinks of walkies
66 viewsHowie at 12 years old on July 31st 20181 comments09/05/18 at 10:50Dachsie: Howie at 12 years old on July 31st 2018
73 viewsKimS's Franky had back surgery in October, 2016. After rehab and a lot of work and prayer, he is walking like normal and loving on his "blue bunny"! Soft toys of all colors are called "blue bunnies"!1 comments08/14/18 at 18:12Dachsie: Soft toys of all colors are called "blue bunn...
78 viewsChrisM's' Oscar is 19 years old and going strong. He has been through multiple episodes of disk problems. With conservative treatment, including early drug intervention and crate rest he’s recovered quickly from each episode. There is always hope.
He lost his brother from heart failure about 3 years ago, who also had disk issues. He too always recovered with strict conservative treatment.
1 comments08/07/18 at 08:58Dachsie: He's awesome. We currently have an 18 year ol...
158 viewsSamatha & Whitney's Skeeter is now 5 years post op from IVDD surgical intervention. He's doing great! His first airplane ✈️ ride. 1 comments09/24/17 at 18:51Dachsie: Awesome
156 viewsSamantha & Whitney's Skeeter is now 5 years post op from IVDD surgical intervention is doing great. Coco watches over Skeeter--- Brother & Sister love ❤️!1 comments09/24/17 at 18:47Dachsie: Sweetness
157 viewsSamantha and Whitney bought Skeeter a dapper bow tie. Skeetner, now 5 years post op, is doing great! 1 comments09/24/17 at 18:43Dachsie: 😍
158 viewsSamantha & Whitney's Skeeter,now 5 years post op, kicked his sister Coco out of her bed.1 comments09/24/17 at 18:40Dachsie: Sweet
157 viewsSamantha's Skeeter enjoys ear rubs from his dad!1 comments09/24/17 at 18:33Dachsie: Cutie
157 viewsSkeeter is now 5 years post op from IVDD surgical intervention. He's doing great! Annoying his sister Coco.1 comments09/24/17 at 18:31Dachsie: 😍
158 viewsSamatha's Skeeter is now 5 years post op from IVDD surgical intervention. He's doing great! Nap 😴 time. 1 comments09/24/17 at 18:28Dachsie: 😍
153 viewsSamantha's Skeeter is now 5 years post op from IVDD surgical intervention. He's doing great! Loving life. Here he is hanging out with his dad with his happy tooth out!1 comments09/24/17 at 18:21Dachsie: 😍
156 viewsCathyN adopted Pittman from DRNA in May, 2013. He was 5 years old then, and walked with "a hitch in his giddy-up". We knew he had a bad back but he had his first and thankfully minor episode in 2016 with a second this year. So far so good and no surgery needed. Thanks to Dodgerslist I knew what meds to talk about with the doctor, and to ask for laser treatments1 comments09/13/17 at 17:58Dachsie: Cathy Nestor - Pittman
155 viewsAngieS' Shiner is the light of my life! He went down with a cervical episode in 2016. We went to the vet (and they have weens so very informed on IVDD), received anti-inflams and appropriate pain meds, 8 weeks strict crate rest (along with his rice sock), and used support and information from dodgerslist to direct me on how to take care of him day to day. (knock on wood) Shiner is 100% and hasn't had another issue.1 comments09/07/17 at 06:57Dachsie: Cool
156 viewsTeresa's Oscar is doing great after treatment at River Canine Rehab and support from DodgesList. He enjoys the water treadmill and obstacle course. Lasers are so cool! Eleven years old and lots of life and love left in this sweet guy. 1 comments09/05/17 at 13:33Dachsie: Laughing Oscar had a rough year but with patience an...
184 viewsCarolyn's Buckeye is happy to be finished with his crate rest treatment, and is continuing to make an excellent recovery! Here he is enjoying his favorite activity, snoozing. 1 comments07/12/17 at 06:35Dachsie: Carolyn
196 viewsGina's Dukie sticking his nose through trying to get sympathy1 comments10/25/16 at 17:37Dachsie: Whoops I uploaded the wrong pic. This is still a c...
177 viewsJared's Jill is on conservative treatment as of 9/10/16 and on the mend!1 comments09/13/16 at 16:30Dachsie: Jill on the mend
172 viewsTheresa's Oscar post IVDD after being down for over 5 months. We took him out for a walk, and when he flipped over for the first time, it made our day! 1 comments09/01/16 at 10:44Dachsie: Oscar
170 viewsTheresa's Rocky post IVDD and on the way to the races. He's a top 10 champ, but is now retired and just enjoys the show. 1 comments09/01/16 at 10:39Dachsie: Rocky
168 viewsSusan's 'senior' picture of Jake and Molly. Both had IVDD and surgeries. Both recovered and were able to live a nice long life. 1 comments08/18/16 at 12:15Dachsie: Wonderful doxies!
146 viewsGina's Bruiser:" I am 8 years old. All I want to do since my surgery four week ago is go outside and play. I am walking all over the place now.... Do my eyebrows and nose look too long in this picture" 1 comments08/18/16 at 09:33Dachsie: Bruser- 8 years old. "I am ready to go outsid...
143 viewsDar's Megan at our local Veterans memorial statue on Memorial Day.1 comments08/18/16 at 08:10Dachsie:
146 viewsAngie's sweet 7 yr old Shiner, 100% recovery from cervical injury. Nothing slows this little guy down! Full Speed Ahead1 comments08/18/16 at 05:36Dachsie: Very Happy
167 viewsBrenda's Weeners recently graduated from her second IVDD episode, healing with conservative crate rest and medications only. She is really enjoying her newfound freedom!1 comments08/18/16 at 01:40Dachsie: the little tail wagging !!
162 viewsSamantha's Skeeter just waking up from my nap. Skeeter had back surgery a couple of years ago and is now doing well. 1 comments08/17/16 at 17:45Dachsie: 😍
166 viewsSamantha's Skeeter napping at Grandmas while our parents were on vacation. 1 comments08/17/16 at 17:39Dachsie: Cute
167 viewsSamantha's Skeeter Just got new pj's to wear on Christmas Eve. Sweet dreams everyone!1 comments08/17/16 at 17:29Dachsie: Adorable
138 viewsRene's Charlie1 comments08/17/16 at 17:16Dachsie: Charlie was my best friend. Dodgerslist was my roc...
156 viewsLucinda's Luna showing off her new wheels1 comments07/17/16 at 11:48Dachsie: Luna became parellized 29 days after she delivered...
256 viewsNehal's Sparky from India is up and walking after 18 months after conservative treatment. Regally Poised Mr.Spark, 8 years old is our adorable lovable fighter.
Makes our days and life brighter.
1 comments09/20/15 at 11:53Dachsie: Razz Smile
216 viewsDebbi's Bailey: First day back home, after surgery! Not feeling well at all, and being such a good patient! 1 comments09/06/15 at 19:32Dachsie: Love this dog!!!
222 viewsDebbi's Bailey: 5 weeks post-op and I'm a Dodgerslist Graduate!! I don't walk perfect YET, I still sway, or stumble sometimes. There were many challenges along the way, but with time, and patience it all went away! Thank you all so much at Dodgerslist!1 comments09/06/15 at 19:13Dachsie: Thank you so much! Debbi Very Happy
234 viewsCarrie's Abby is walking now! Underwater treadmill therapy really helped expedite learning how to walk again. 1 comments09/03/15 at 22:16Dachsie: Abby
199 viewsEmma's Pudding: Fighting a Brain Tumor and beating IVDD and just being all round cute1 comments08/29/15 at 09:30Dachsie: oooops need to rotate!
209 viewsSylvia's Sandy: Praying for Sandy. This is our first dog with IVDD and we are very blessed to find! If we would have known the signs and symptoms earlier then maybe we would have caught it before the paralysis. I chose a picture of Sandy from about two years ago to post because it is my favorite.1 comments08/18/15 at 07:01Dachsie: Same thing happened to us. Wish we would have kno...
232 viewsSharelyn's Lady Penelope (aka Penny to her friends) From the Blue Mountains, Australia. Little Penny 7, suffered from IVDD and had surgery April 2014, but still loves to dress up, put on her wheels, go out and visit friends, chase her ball, swim and get up to shenanigans with her sister Gidget GoLightly. She inspires me everyday to take life as it comes and enjoy every moment and tail wag. Pimp My ride1 comments08/17/15 at 15:04Dachsie: Fun loving roller dog
203 viewsunknown owner: My Boy Rusty 1 comments08/16/15 at 15:29Dachsie: My Boy Rusty
301 viewsunknown owner: My Rusty in his toy box 1 comments08/16/15 at 15:28Dachsie: My Rusty in his toy box
212 viewsDr. Welch's Dogtor Louie with his pal Duckie is an IVDD success story himself and works as a therapy dog.1 comments08/16/15 at 06:52Dachsie: Dogtor Louie and his Pal Duckie
218 viewsDawn's Max surviving after his IVDD: "Does this bubushka make me look fat? "1 comments08/15/15 at 21:14Dachsie: Max surviving after his IVDD
211 viewsJeanne's Spart: Loving the boat ride. This was taken a couple years ago before Spart was diagnosed with IVDD. He's since completed 8 weeks of conservative treatment, ramp trained and the house has been modified for back friendliness. 1 comments07/31/15 at 10:22Dachsie: awesome photo
219 viewsCarrie's Abby: Is half Labrador mix but she fully has the personality of a Lab, very very smart and sweet. After conservative treatment in January 2015 Abby could wag her tail, move her legs but not walk. Now in July just three sessions of underwater treadmill and laser therapy there are amazing results. Abby is now able to walk more stable and faster on the treadmill and on land can take a few wobbly steps. PT is amazing.1 comments07/15/15 at 17:21Dachsie: Abby is half Labrador mix, 4yrs, 35 lbs, but she f...
215 viewsLindsey's Cassie: "Paint me like one of your French girls" ;)1 comments07/12/15 at 18:05Dachsie: "Paint me like one of your French girls."...
256 viewsAnn's Louie loves sunshine-- don't they all?1 comments03/14/15 at 22:10Dachsie: so handsome
217 viewsPeggy's Cody sleeping on his dad's lap when he was a puppy1 comments03/14/15 at 13:27Dachsie: Cody sleeping on his Dad's lap
470 viewsRussell's Carly being inquisitive again as she relearned how to walk after being stricken with IVDD in May.1 comments09/21/14 at 21:35Dachsie: Carly continues to improve after surgery in May to...
437 viewsJen's Louie: wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine1 comments09/19/14 at 18:34Dachsie: Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always br...
449 viewsCarol's Cooper: third chair.1 comments09/16/14 at 13:52Dachsie: The beginning of Sparky Coopers 3rd wheelchair, he...
452 viewsCarol's Cooper: 2nd chair1 comments09/16/14 at 13:50Dachsie: This is Sparky Cooper on his wheelchair, it was gr...
522 viewsWilson's 8-pack traveling in style in their stroller.
BOTTOM Row: Daisy, Lance, Scamp & Augusta; MIDDLE Row: Winnie & Meadow; TOP Row: Oscar & Shadow All 4 of our males have had IVDD. Lance & Scamp received conservative treatment. Shadow and Oscar had surgery.
1 comments08/30/14 at 11:14Dachsie: Do they pick straws for the top position? Very cut...
428 viewsLilli's Mae is loving the warm summer weather in Germany.1 comments08/18/14 at 05:53Dachsie: Beautiful!
425 views1 comments08/18/14 at 05:52Dachsie: Very nice photography. Happy dog!
426 views1 comments08/18/14 at 05:51Dachsie: Very cute expression!
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