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9 year old Blue3 viewsVeronicaP's Blue has been on conservative treatment for her neck 5 days now. She is 9 y.o.Jul 07, 2021
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Jun 30, 2021
15 year old Oliver Garcia sunglasses4 viewsThis is Oliver Garcia he is 15. We are going on 7 weeks post op. He is currently doing rehab, laser, swimming, treadmill and acupuncture. He isn’t walking on his own just yet but he is a lot stronger than he was. We have been best friends since he was 8 weeks. Until he is walking momma will have him looking cute on his stroller walks. Everyone stares at him cause he looks healthy and def not 15. I say let’s give them something fo stare at❤️.
Oliver can’t see his haters when he has his love glasses on 😝
Jun 30, 2021
Lily (dachshund and cute witch) 32 viewsLily was able to celebrate halloween in style with mom and dad (Courtney and Mike). Conservative tx, acupuncture, laser Tx for the win!Nov 12, 2020
28 viewsStephanie's Baby is an IVDD survivor with conservative treatment for a neck disc.Oct 30, 2020
Maximilian Von Hotdog Walking 5 Weeks Post Surgery14 viewsFive weeks after Max's second IVDD surgery (1st Cervical, 2nd Thoracic vertebrae) he is walking albeit a little wobbly and with help! Here is a video: 13, 2020
Graduate 10 viewsMolly enjoying her first day back to the park Aug 30, 2020
Charlie68 viewsCharlie is an extremely happy and very lovable dog. He loves attention and his injury doesn't affect him in the slightest. He has been given up twice, once before injury then again after his injury. After his injury,three vets suggested he should be put to sleep. He is high maintenance due to his injury and at times can be overwhelming, but he is all worth it! He loves to be outside and the sling would be very helpful in giving him some freedom to move around. Thank you for considering Charlie!Nov 21, 2019
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Nov 15, 2019
42 viewsKerryJ's naughty little boys: Bert and ErnieOct 09, 2019
39 viewsJudyC: "My Sweet Dear Love, Scarlett"Oct 02, 2019
73 viewsTony says: Finally! Ray's out of the damn crate and sniffing the wind!Jun 24, 2019
57 viewsPennyC's Sherman, my 20 lb. small standard buddy has graduated post-op surgery crate rest.May 18, 2019
58 viewsJohnR's LouieApr 26, 2019
48 viewsJohnR's Louie is now paralized but he used to run like the wind. Apr 26, 2019
48 viewsHannaW's Annie has earned two titles in "Agility." Last night is the first time to learn Annie was born with IVDD. Her nerves are affected with wobbly legs. The surgeon believes she can heal her disc with conservative treatment.Apr 26, 2019
76 viewsCarolynP's Smiling SammyMar 18, 2019
67 viewsRebeccaE's Arthur LoungingMar 06, 2019
75 viewsShelbyD's Charlie —Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it's different than the one you had before.Mar 05, 2019
115 viewsShay's Liebchen out for a quick walk in the snow before being whisked back inside. She enjoys being pain-free again!Jan 23, 2019
123 viewsNov 18, 2018
78 viewsAlixM's Gretta getting laser therapy at her first IVDD rehab session eyes protected with goggles.Oct 31, 2018
65 viewsAlix' Gretta IS the elusive monarch butteredsausagefl and a Happy Hallowiener.Oct 31, 2018
108 viewsJohnT's Max says" Thank you for my new ball Dad. I really like it!1 commentsOct 31, 2018
73 viewsMargieJ's Rupert is a 4 year old cockapoo adopted from the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter. In October 2017 he had IVDD surgery at the age of 3. Ruperts favorite thing to do is go out to for runs at the park with his mommy. Since his surgery he's no longer able to keep up so we bought him a stroller and now he's able to join him mommy on her runs. He runs for 10 minuted and then he goes on his stroller to rest. Rupert is unstoppable! Sep 25, 2018
49 viewsRupert is a 4 year old cockapoo adopted from the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter. In October 2017 he had IVDD surgery at the age of 3. Ruperts favorite thing to do is go out to for runs at the park with his mommy. Since his surgery he's no longer able to keep up so we bought him a stroller and now he's able to join him mommy on her runs. He runs for 10 minuted and then he goes on his stroller to rest. Rupert is unstoppable! Sep 25, 2018
46 viewsTrishaB's Sophie Brontie.....on the way to the parkSep 25, 2018
60 viewsKerryJ's Bert (red collar) is 4 years post op and doing brilliantly (if not a little overweight)!! Ernie is always there to support his brother during the hard times.
Thanks to Dodgerslist for all of their hard work and support.
Sep 25, 2018
50 viewsOliviaR's Boo spending a fun weekend exploring the mountains around Estes Park, Colorado in Hermits Hollow Campground! As an IVDD survivor I love having the ability to take walks through the mountains, even if they are pretty short ones. :)Sep 24, 2018
47 viewsMarsB' Henry writes: I'm 6 years old! I overcame IVDD with the love and support of my Mommy & Grandmommy.Sep 24, 2018
46 viewsVictoriaS' Frodo has had three bouts with IVDD, and one surgery after he became paralyzed. He has always fought his hardest to recover and is now back to flying after tennis balls, so I think that makes him Superdog! Sep 24, 2018
63 viewsMoe is a fighter! He is ten years old and currently battling his third IVDD episode. Praying conservative treatment will work this time, and we don't need another surgery.Sep 24, 2018
47 viewsLeighB's two pups and a toddler. Both Hydie (Shih Tzu) and Bean (Dachshund) have IVDD, Hydie took medication and rested in 2011, while with Bean we went the surgical route last summer (2017)Sep 24, 2018
68 viewsI’m ChrisitneL's Meeko!! Just turned 15!!!! Even though I have had several IVDD problems I can still take a few steps here and there... especially when there’s treats involved!1 commentsSep 24, 2018
46 viewsSuzanne's Bently: IVDD may have made me slow down a bit, but a hippo friend to cuddle with makes it all worth it. Sep 24, 2018
46 views"please don't steal my ball" @bentley_buffaloSep 24, 2018
48 viewsGlendaJ's Harley: I had IVDD surgery 2 years ago when I was 8. At 10 1/2 you can't see any scar and I still rule the house just like I always have! (Don't tell my Mom that, though!) The only thing that has slowed me down any is my age but I still enjoy chasing anything that moves and doesn't belong in MY yard! I am definitely a survivor!!! Harley-D Still Going StrongSep 24, 2018
47 viewsCherylL's Duncan & Freddy are best buddies! It’s wonderful that they can take walks together in the rain a year after Freddy’s successful IVDD surgery!Sep 24, 2018
47 viewsAnnaS' Ava says: "Don't wake me, it's raining !"Sep 24, 2018
46 viewsAnnaS' Gabriel says: "Are you talkin' to me ?"

Sep 24, 2018
49 viewsAnnaS' Ava Rose: "I know it's Christmas, but I love Easter"💜Sep 24, 2018
46 viewsAnnaS' Ava Rose , always faithful, waiting under Mommy's chair. She is a Red, Smoothie, 7 years old & full of love💙Sep 24, 2018
46 viewsKatieA's Tango pain free and living the life!Sep 23, 2018
46 viewsJenW's Louie enjoying a beautiful afternoon nap in the sun.Sep 23, 2018
46 viewsHappy Birthday little man!! Louie turned 13 this summer and is a 2x IVDD survivor. He loves walkies, naps and chasing squirrels. Love him!!Sep 23, 2018
49 viewsJenW's happy little guy! Louie turned 13 this year and is a 2x IVDD survivor. He loves walkies, naps and chasing squirrels. Sep 23, 2018
46 viewsJenW's Louie doing a little downward dog stretch to start the day.Sep 23, 2018
45 viewsJenW's Louie just being his cute self. Louie turned 13 this year and is a 2x IVDD survivor. We love our cute little old man.Sep 23, 2018
46 viewsJenW's Louie: The force is strong with this one. Sep 23, 2018
47 viewsJenW's Louie being silly and not happy about having his picture taken...again. Sep 23, 2018
46 viewsJenW's Louie protests: MOM! I said no more pictures!!Sep 23, 2018
46 viewsJenW's Louie is such a little cutie! Here is being all snuggly at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Sep 23, 2018
Recovery46 viewsJenW's Louie on pain meds and resting after having a minor procedure and dental cleaning. Sep 23, 2018
46 viewsChristineA's Happy Horace had been paralysed and doubly incontinent due to IVDD for over 2 years. He will be 7 in December. He uses wheels or a drag bag, he’s a happy,playful boySep 23, 2018
47 viewsGailW's Yost the Michigan Doxie! Named after famous University of Michigan football coach, Fielding Yost.
Yost is now 9 years old. He’s our best friend.
Sep 23, 2018
69 viewsLaurieS's Peewee and Shadow1 commentsSep 23, 2018
49 viewsRamonaP's two siblings— Caesar is a dapple dachsie who just survived a gallbladder surgery. Charlee is a dachsie/Jack Russell mix.Sep 22, 2018
53 viewsMark and CherylG's Sophia says: Mom and Dad got me from Midwest Dachshund Rescue when I was surrendered due to my back injury. We don't know how long I've had the injury but rehab and the water treadmill gave me some mobility back. Sep 22, 2018
68 viewsSamanthaG's Molly doesn’t let IVDD slow her down! She’s always ready for an adventure Sep 22, 2018
53 viewsDarciS' Lucy is 4.5 weeks out from IVDD surgery on two locations (one ruptured disk and one bulging) and is doing GREAT! I was able to gain insight into what to expect prior to surgery by coming to your site - thank you; it gave us peace of mind! Lucy is the greatest rescue dachshund we could have ever asked for —how sweet she really is! She drags around her stuffed dachsie everywhere she goes.Sep 22, 2018
50 viewsSusanL's Brutus Arrrffur, “B”, is 8 weeks out from his IVDD surgery. He has won heats in the Oktoberfest Running of the Wieners in Cincinnati but is a spectator now. When he watched his sister Weens race, he shivered and his heart raced. Next year, B. Sep 22, 2018
49 viewsAlinaH's Moka says not fair! "Are you guys leaving me home AGAIN??" Moka was operated for IVDD disease a year ago and has recovered about 90%! Been a long, long rehabilitation process with all sorts of therapy, acupuncture, water treadmill and all sorts of hands on work but it was been worth it. She was given only a 25% chance of recovery and disproved the odds. Keep doing everything possible and reading helpful websites like this one. Protect your baby's back-- no stairs, no jumping on furniture!Sep 22, 2018
46 viewsJenS's Harold Thomas is 10 years old and has had 3 bouts of IVDD in his lifetime. Luckily he has never had to have surgery and is perfectly healthy and happy. Sep 22, 2018
47 viewsJenS's Harold Thomas is 10 years old and has had 3 bouts of IVDD in his lifetime. Luckily he has never had to have surgery and is perfectly healthy and happy. Sep 22, 2018
47 viewsJenS's 9 year old smooth coated wire. Peter loves the beach and swimming in the lake. 2 years ago, he ruptured between C4-C5 and had to have surgery. He made a full recovery and is a happy boy living out his golden years. Sep 22, 2018
71 viewsJenS's crew: From bottom left: Peter, Inga, Jelly, Rose, Harold and FinnSep 22, 2018
65 viewsElizabethK's Miller had his second episode with IVDD this summer. With crate rest and medication he is back up on his feet again. His favorite activities are digging up chipmunk holes and terrorizing his stuffed toys.
Sep 22, 2018
49 viewsChelseaC's Bazinga. Brought his stroller just in case, but Bazinga was happy to wobble around our local WeinerPawlooza and meet everyone. We could barely keep up.Sep 22, 2018
70 viewsRobW's dear Oliver Wendell Holmes, Noble Beast, is the sweetest soul and love of his life. He’s 14 months from his last bout of IVDD and doing great. Peace to all!! Rob1 commentsSep 22, 2018
70 viewsMarilynK's Gabi is always ready to protect!Sep 18, 2018
67 viewsAshleyS's LuLu is a 9 year old miniature dachshund and 3x IVDD survivor thanks to everyone at Dodgerslist! Sep 17, 2018
46 viewsAshleyS' LuLu, the Christmas Elf, is a 9 year old miniature dachshund and 3x IVDD survivor thanks to everyone at Dodgerslist! Sep 17, 2018
54 viewsJenifferS' Chai relaxing in his stroller after a vet visit. He is basking in the glory of her words. She said if he keeps progressing as well as he has been, he will heal nicely from surgery and not have to be a wheelie. <3 <3 Sep 17, 2018
49 viewsTraceyK took her Lisa on vacation to Wrangell, Alaska. She’s 14 years and has been in her wheels for 10 years. It hasn’t slowed her down!!Sep 16, 2018
50 viewsDebL's Zoey is 3 months post operative 3 ruptured L discs. Walking and running a bit. Still weakness but improvement every month. Your stories have given me strength.Sep 15, 2018
49 viewsKristinH's Ruby Tuesday snuggles in during the winter!Sep 15, 2018
62 viewsKristinH's Dexter celebrates Independence Day!1 commentsSep 15, 2018
66 viewsBarbaraK's Ollie is now 10 years old, and still full of spunk! He continues to love his daily walks, and joins me on the recliner every evening-it’s our ‘special time.’ It has been since his 2014 IVDD episode (with paralysis of back legs) and subsequent surgery. This little dog continues to give me joy every day. I thank everyone at Dodgerslist for everything you do to educate people about IVDD, and giving so many dogs another chance.Sep 15, 2018
66 viewsNatalieY's Piper lost functionality of her front paws and needed a neck IVDD surgery. 7 months later she is living her best life! Never give up! Sep 14, 2018
64 viewsJackieA's Maxine had a herniated neck and lower back disc over a month ago. "I went to the vet and got on some pain meds and steroids. I had to be crate rest for 6 weeks. I started accupuncure and that helped alot! I can stand on all four of my legs. I'm walking, running but no stairs yet, mom said no. I know I have to watch what I do from now on. Trust me, there is hope❤"1 commentsSep 14, 2018
49 viewsKellyO's Captain (right) hanging out with his sister Sailor after his 2nd surgery. Captain had his first surgery March of 2017 and his second just over a year later in June of this year. Captain has recovered well, and his patch of missing fur is almost completely grown back! Sep 14, 2018
48 viewsDeb's Pebble Sue's IVDD has not stopped this puppy mill baby! Diagnosed before age 1 now 9 years old and still doing good thanks to education from Dodgerslist and great care. Happy HolidaysSep 14, 2018
64 viewsWhitneyD's 4 y.o. Pekinese/Fr. Bulldog, DJ, has 2 months of her post-op fur growing back!Sep 13, 2018
47 viewsLoriA's two rescues have IVDD. Charlie and Dasher are my fosters through Little Paws Dachshund Rescue. Both went down around the same time last year (approximately in October). We chose conservative treatment also for these two. We are still doing laser and hydrotherapy on both. Charlie is trying to take steps now and can get up on all 4’s and stand. “Fosters Dasher and Charlie have stolen my heart. Their determination and love for life is truly inspiring”. The education you provide is excellent!Sep 12, 2018
46 viewsLoriA's Ollie was rescued by Little Paws Dachshund Rescue one year ago and “it was love at first sight and I knew I had to make him a permanent part of my family”. He was completely paralyzed when he came into rescue. Through conservative treatment, lots of PT and pure determination from this little guy he is back up on all 4’s. He’s my little wild child.Sep 12, 2018
64 viewsMichelleB's Hank is an Adventurer! Hank love to ride in the car!Sep 10, 2018
47 viewsMichelleB says it has taken several months, and a lot of treats but Lucy is finally trying to get used to using her cart!Sep 10, 2018
53 viewsHappy Halloweiner from LouiseP's Skipper! Skipper’s ready to Trick or Treat this Happy Halloweiner! Sep 07, 2018
46 viewsArianaA's Ozzie, is a 5 year old Dachshund / Jack Russell mix who was in a wheel chair for almost 8 months because of IVDD. I love to cuddle up in my mom's favorite blanket by the fire when we are camping. As you can tell, I love the outdoors and America.Sep 06, 2018
48 viewsAmyK's Remington says: "I may be a lil Chiweenie, but I have a lot to say! Listen up! My sister Dolly hurt her back and I hated seeing her go through weeks of recovery. I was a good fur brudder and sat with her as she recovered now we back to runnin and playin again." Sep 06, 2018
68 viewsJanaM's Cooper, Maddy and RomeoSep 06, 2018
65 viewsAmyK's Dolly says: "Hi, I am Dolly and I bruized my back and I rested for weeks and got all better. Mommy, Daddy, and my fur brudder Remington sat next to me keeping me company. Please take care of your backs our long backs can get injured easily."Sep 06, 2018
65 viewsMandyP's Herbie is an IVDD Superhero....goggles and peanut butter required for superhero activationSep 06, 2018
46 viewsDianeH's Dink was paralyzed for 3 months when he was 4 years old, but he had conservative therapy and slowly regained his ability to walk and run. Now he is 14 years old and a joyful, loving boy.Sep 06, 2018
46 viewsStaceyM's Gideon is the fierce leader the pack. Though small in stature he is huge in heart and brings me joy every day. After suffering with IVDD and being crated for 8 weeks he has made a wonderful recovery and is back to being a mischievous little stinker eating grass and breaking hearts. Playfully nicknamed "G-Man' he is in charge...and he knows it!
Sep 06, 2018
63 viewsPebbles the day of his release from surgery for a shattered disc in his neck. His mom, ReaganS, is so grateful for Dodgerslist and doesn’t know how she would have made it without them!Sep 05, 2018
47 viewsThis is Andrea's "Dubi the Dachshund" Dubi (6 year old male mini) was diagnosed with IVDD in November 2017. Dodgerslist was instrumental in making sure that we and our Vet were on the same page in terms of treatment. Our Vet literally followed the Dodgerslist treatment plan for acute care and follow-up. 9 weeks of crate rest and medications, and Dubi is happy and healthy (and 4 lbs lighter) and you can't tell he ever had a problem. Sep 05, 2018
49 viewsRoyC's Oliver has a message: Hi, my name is Oliver and I am a super handsome 7 year old double dapple who has just recovered from IVDD surgery. My Mom and Dad are awesome and knew the warning signs thanks to dodgerslist and got me to the specialist within a few hours.Sep 05, 2018
52 viewsMaryK's Mila Christmas Cheer: Ho ho ho! Just leave the treats, ya filthy animal!! Sep 05, 2018
65 viewsSandyG's Giggle: I may be 13 years old and gray, but I still wiggle when I walk and giggle when I talk! I’m lucky I’ve come through 2 spells with my back with consertive treatment. 1 commentsSep 05, 2018
67 viewsTheresaM's Grayson recouperating from IVDD Surgery, Grayson has adapted well to his stroller while he’s on crate rest! 1 commentsSep 05, 2018
65 viewsSally's Nora: my stubborn , brave , lovable , loyal , charming french bulldog , enjoying her new restful life post surgery 1 commentsSep 05, 2018
66 viewsHowie at 12 years old on July 31st 20181 commentsSep 05, 2018
51 viewsAnneR-s Turbo can't stand all this pup-arazzi. Just kidding, I"m a ham.Sep 05, 2018
50 viewsAnneR's Linus is always posing for the camera, but is especially photo friendly at Christmas time. Holi-dawg cheerSep 05, 2018
54 viewsCandieD's Lola Love Bug is a fierce hunter and the geckos only respite was during 8 weeks of strict crate confinement. "TY to the Dodger's list staff for helping my mommy stay on track. I graduated conservative treatment 12/15/2017. I continue to swim once a week and I am back to terrorizing the geckos, birds and neighbors in my hood- ruf ruf!!"Sep 05, 2018
55 viewsConnieM's Toby is a 6year old dachshund. He suffers from IVDD but that doesn't stop him from ripping apart his toys, loves cuddling, playing hide and seek, loves taking walks in his stroller and loves opening presents especially Christmas. Sep 04, 2018
52 viewsDoloresC's Bosco is a 5 yr old dachshund mix who had surgery for an IVDD episode in May 2018. While the road has been an uphill climb for Bosco , he has been making little steps towards progress. He enjoys roaming around in his cart and doing water therapy in his pool chasing a ball. He hopes to one day walk again. But if that is not to be, he is still determined to do all that he can do.Sep 03, 2018
52 viewsDoloresC's Bosco is a 5 yr old dachshund mix who had surgery for an IVDD episode in May 2018. While the road has been an uphill climb for Bosco , he has been making little steps towards progress. He enjoys roaming around in his cart and doing water therapy in his pool chasing a ball. He hopes to one day walk again. But if that is not to be, he is still determined to do all that he can do.Sep 03, 2018
53 viewsKevinD's Hank had his first IVDD incident this past July at 2 years old. With strict crate rest, medication, he is back laying by the pool and Sunday brunching with his neighborhood friends. Hank is living his best highrise city life one elevator at a time. He hated taking the stairs anyways :)Aug 16, 2018
54 viewsKevinD's Hank had his first IVDD incident this past July at 2 years old. With strict crate rest, medication he is back laying by the pool and Sunday brunching with his neighborhood friends. Hank is living his best highrise city life one elevator at a time. He hated taking the stairs anyways :)Aug 16, 2018
53 viewsKevinD's Hank had his first IVDD incident this past July at 2 years old. With strict crate rest, medication he is back laying by the pool and Sunday brunching with his neighborhood friends. Hank is living his best highrise city life one elevator at a time. He hated taking the stairs anyways :) Aug 16, 2018
73 viewsKimS's Franky had back surgery in October, 2016. After rehab and a lot of work and prayer, he is walking like normal and loving on his "blue bunny"! Soft toys of all colors are called "blue bunnies"!1 commentsAug 14, 2018
73 viewsLorenaB's Lola after three back surgeries is still running like a crazy dog! Never let the size of a Dachshund fool you! Like Lola, that 10lbs body carries the courage, strength, spirit and heart of a Lion!Aug 13, 2018
54 viewsHeatherH's Denny loves to get out whether wobbly walking or being part of the family pack in his stroller visiting a steam railway at Broadway, England.Aug 13, 2018
55 viewsRepresenting MWDR and having fun in her wheels Tootsie Lou while Mama Deb reminds all owners to protect your doggies back!
Get educated on Dodgerslist ❤️
Aug 13, 2018
56 viewsDeloriesM's Ricco and Rozie - Two Peas in a Pod. Ricco the black & tan has had 2 successful IVDD surgeries. Aug 13, 2018
53 viewsMaryJ's Bella from Texas was paralyzed for six months after conservative treatment. Aug 13, 2018
70 viewsThis is MariaO's 7 year old Frankie enjoying some fresh air during a Martha's Vineyard HolidayAug 13, 2018
54 viewsAlix' Princess Gretta enjoying some sniffs from the safety of Her royal carriage.

Aug 12, 2018
71 viewsMariaO's Fritz has had 2 spine concerns: one mid back and one cervical... he was yelping with pain even in his sleep. He is now pain free and medication free using an Integrative Medicine Approach and no surgery ( which was recommended). He’s happy and full of life! ...Healing is possible with a committed healer and time! Aug 11, 2018
68 viewsDawnG's Maximus loves wearing his bunny ears and waiting for the Easter bunny on one of his favorite holidays. Aug 11, 2018
76 viewsMike and Dot's Bella recently underwent surgery for IVDD and is making an unbelievable recovery! She's six and a half years old and loving life in S. Africa.
Aug 08, 2018
52 viewsPhill's Guts is healing his disc nicely under conservative treatment. 100% STRICT rest 24/7 for the full 8 weeks, only out for a very, very few footsteps at potty time is doing the trick!Aug 08, 2018
61 viewsBarbH's Peanut July 2018 surgery and walking now!Aug 08, 2018
53 viewsDianaW's doxie, Tikka, on the right has IVDD with ruptured disc and surgery May 2018. Walking is better and better every day!Aug 08, 2018
53 viewsTara's Bella had emergency back surgery last December 11, 2017. She had a ruptured disc in her back.
After surgery, she was completely paralyzed in her hind legs. On December 24, 2017 she started walking again. It's taken some time, but she
is pretty much back to her normal walking and bouncing self. Bella will be 5 years old in June.
I love her dearly, and am so happy she is all better now.
Aug 08, 2018
80 viewsHank gained full use of his legs and returned to normal after a disc episode that had left him completely paralyzed in his hind end. With a quick (about 14 hours) vet visit, he got medication and went on crate rest asap. He began improving in the first 48 hours and eventually got full mobility restored. He's such a great pal!Aug 08, 2018
53 viewsMatt's Lily is a puzzle. Little mamas - brown and tan long hair mini loves swimming hates rain.Aug 07, 2018
55 viewsThis is JenR's beloved Hercules and Xena! Hercules had his first IVDD incident when he was 6.5 yo. With crate rest, steroids and acupuncture, he walked for another 18 months! Then after a routine dental cleaning, we came home after dinner that evening and he couldn't walk. The vet sd that sometimes a dog can relax too much during anesthesia and his spinal column 'collapsed' at that weak spot. He didn't recover the 2nd time and lived out his life a happy, healthy, pain-free dog that I LOVED w/ all my heart!Aug 06, 2018
58 viewsTeresaR's AbbyJun 12, 2018
78 viewsChrisM's' Oscar is 19 years old and going strong. He has been through multiple episodes of disk problems. With conservative treatment, including early drug intervention and crate rest he’s recovered quickly from each episode. There is always hope.
He lost his brother from heart failure about 3 years ago, who also had disk issues. He too always recovered with strict conservative treatment.
1 commentsJun 09, 2018
60 viewsTyler's Benson 16 weeks after 2nd IVDD episode. He went from complete hind paralysis to an almost full recovery without surgery. Jun 08, 2018
74 viewsIngrid's Lucy, is a best friend to Oliver during recovery. We thought she might be too active or try to get him to play to much. The opposite happened, she knew he wasn’t well and was very calm and there for him. They love each other so much, their bond is a wonderful thing to be a part of!Jun 01, 2018
73 viewsIngrid's Oliver on hikes has a great recall and comes running back!Jun 01, 2018
72 viewsIngrid's Oliver had a 2016 surgery for a herniated disc and is hiking again! It took a few months after surgery for him to be able to use his rear legs. Lots of rest, PT, water treadmill, gabapentin for nerve pain for about a year. Then supplements, love and positive energy got Oliver to this wonderful day!Jun 01, 2018
78 viewsMarcela's DiegoMay 22, 2018
80 viewsDarlene's Paco has a Recovery Penthouse for Mom's sore back May 17, 2018
78 viewsMelanie's Zippie. You would think that IVDD would stop me in my tracks, but nope! Mommy says I'm stubborn, because I still want to do everything I normally would even though my legs aren't working! I'm not ready to give up without a fight yet! May 10, 2018
98 viewsGlen and Ian's 6-pack are all rescues, each are loved to bits! L-R: Maxsim, Wuilly the original. Friends had found him wandering the streets in Miami after Hurricane Wilma in 2006. He’s 14 yrs old since recovered a normal gait after being paralyzed by a disc episode at age 2, Murray, Enzo, Zoe and RubyApr 23, 2018
115 viewsEben's crew l-R: Coco, Nuni, and Katie. Nuni is recovering from IVDD and has made big improvements from conservative treatment. Apr 17, 2018
92 viewsMerriem's Spike is a 5 year old rescue Havanese with back issues which were not diagnosed. In November 2017 he had a ruptured disc and spend two weeks in the hospital and had disc surgery. It has been a long road for him, but he goes to physical therapy twice a week, can stand with assistance, wag his tail, working hard on the water treadmill, and shows how you can never give up. He keeps trying, and with each day we see some improvement. Never give up. Spike Shows How Getting Better Can Take A Lot of Work.Apr 14, 2018
115 viewsSandraG's 12 y.o. Rudy enjoys a day at the shore in Alberta, Canada. A disc episode in 2014 and a surgery since that time has not deterred Rudy one bit from living a full and happy life with his family
Apr 11, 2018
103 viewsRoxieA's Wally is at week 9 of conservative treatment Spring 2018. He is the black/tan with red collar. He is doing so well. Rowdy is other black/tan with black collar. Rowdy had surgery on his back November 2016. Our others in picture have had no back problems. ET with the shirt is our mostly hairless boy. Lexie is the red and Molly is a dapple behind Lexie. Apr 07, 2018
107 viewsRachel's Ruby from New Zealand is a very cute Maltese mix. She has since recovered under conservative treatment at the end of Mar 2018.Apr 05, 2018
88 viewsBradleyJ's Tucker is happy and enjoying life after surgery in Feb 2018.Apr 05, 2018
90 viewsLeeG's 14 year old Greyson. He experienced a ruptured disk on 1/26/2018 and had surgery. We’re picking him up today. Joined the forum for help/advise. Thanks!Apr 05, 2018
91 views Patches was injured and now paralyzed his back legs. Training to walk in a wheelchair. He is perky, eats and drinks.. just working on back legs. Apr 05, 2018
91 viewsSueS peering down at SchnitzelApr 05, 2018
93 viewsChrisM's Oscar is 19 years this year. He has successfully graduated multiple IVDD episodes!Apr 05, 2018
132 viewsKasie's Winslow was diagnosed with IVDD a few days after thanksgiving 2017. By end of February 2018 Winslow was off all his medications with no surgery. IVDD is scary and stressful but with patience the proper care, your dog can live a normal life!Mar 04, 2018
112 viewsKateM's 6 year old mini Milo was diagnosed with ivdd and started treatment on 02.25.18Feb 26, 2018
109 viewsRachelD's Obi, 7 year old Male English Cream Dachshund
started conservative treatment 1/20/2018 and just 7 days later has taken his first wobbly footsteps.
Jan 27, 2018
129 viewsJackW's Peanut (11) and CoCo (8) travel extensively in their motor home.Jan 27, 2018
105 viewsKatieA's Tango, a 6 y.o. hairless Chinese Crested is on crate rest right now but willing to give a kiss if you pucker up!Jan 27, 2018
132 viewsMaryK's Mila says: Hi, I'm Mila and I'm rocking in Scotland! Jan 18, 2018
122 viewsJeremy's Browney is happy to be wearing his new jacket since recently graduating from conservative treatment.Jan 12, 2018
122 viewsSheilaF's Al April 2017 surgery is a faded memory. It took some time before Al re-learned how to walk. Now 9 mos. later, he walks about 70% of the time in the house and uses the cart for outdoor walks. Al (Corgi/Beagle mix) looking handsome in his K9 cart.Jan 07, 2018
146 viewsChristmas morning! BritannyD's Baxter anxiously awaiting opening presents.Jan 05, 2018
121 viewsBritannyD's Baxter enjoys some cool time in the shade after a nice kayak expedition.Jan 05, 2018
121 viewsBrittanyD's Baxter is still enjoying the snow at 13 years young!Jan 05, 2018
153 viewsTammyS' Toby hates the forced exercise, but can’t resist that relaxing water in the underwater treadmill. Almost two months post-op and all this hard work is paying off. His recovery has been the best Christmas gift ever! IVDD is heartbreaking, but not hopeless. Dec 20, 2017
154 viewsCharity's Beluga had a December surgery. Beluga can't wait to get back to playing with her family after post op crate rest. Dec 19, 2017
150 viewsEddieM's Dox: The Hero Stands Thus! At the end of November Dox started conservative treatment. Hope is high for Dox to again be back in his element hunting for ground squirrels in the desert.Dec 18, 2017
159 viewsNov 11, 2017
130 viewsDawnG’s Maximus woke up from his beauty sleep saying, “Is that a cheese wrapper I hear??”Nov 11, 2017
127 viewsJoAnn's Baxter in his hot wheelsNov 11, 2017
154 viewsJulieF says: "No matter what is happening Jasper can fix it. He's ready for anything."Oct 28, 2017
154 viewsJanF's Bojangles is ready for another day!Oct 21, 2017
190 viewsGallery now closed for work on producing the annual calendar

NOTE: Submitting a photo, granted permission to use in the Dodgerslist Calendar and other IVDD educational projects including but not limited to: the Dodgerslist Newsletter, the Dodgerslist store
Oct 13, 2017
118 viewsThis is CherylE's Tucker Anthony...had an IVDD incident and immediate surgery March 7th, 2017.
After PT and acupuncture, he is fully healed and an IVDD survivor!
Oct 13, 2017
116 viewsRich's Pogo is 19 enjoys his happy and healthy life pool side.Oct 09, 2017
115 viewsGayleM's Elmer is now running and enjoying life post-op!!Oct 03, 2017
116 viewsSamanthaG's Molly at our neighborhood park. Enjoying the beautiful weather Sep 30, 2017
114 viewsSamanthaG'sMolly on a swimSep 30, 2017
114 viewsSamantha G's Molly is the best gift under the tree! Sep 30, 2017
114 viewsSamanthaG's Molly on vacation with family this summer. Rolling along the Gulf & enjoying the sunset.Sep 30, 2017
116 viewsBarbK’s Ollie is snug as a bug, in a rug! Ollie-9 yrs old (IVDD at 6 yrs old)Sep 30, 2017
114 viewsTracyR and Isabel's trip to Carmel.Sep 30, 2017
115 viewsTracyR's French Bulldog, Isabel favorite pastime stick chewing! She has IVDD and is paralyzed. Isabel is a very happy spoiled girl who loves life. She has adjusted very well without the use of her back legs. Dodgerslist was a lifesaver for us when we were going through all the options for her IVDD. We are so thankful for this website.Sep 30, 2017
115 viewsNancyB's Lanette is a survivor of IVDD. I think this picture captures her personality best.Sep 30, 2017
116 viewsJudy and Arnold's B is now 12 and runs, plays, kills snakes.... one tough little woman dog! IVDD dog and surgery at 4. She ran against all males and came in second!!!! So proud of her! College Station, TXSep 30, 2017
115 viewsDebbieH's Petey can walk again!Sep 30, 2017
115 viewsLeslieC's Maximillian enjoying a day in the park! 13yrs Bedminster, New Jersey.Sep 30, 2017
115 viewsSueF's Molly Roll showing off her stuff at the opening of Four Paws Rehab Toronto 💜Sep 29, 2017
114 viewsBarbC's Baby, the little black and white, is 10 years old and was completely down when we got her. Now she is a spark of life.
Tinker, the beanie hat guy, is 15 and in addition to IVDD, has Cushing's and hip dysplasia. He is just awesome though. We adopted him almost a year ago, thought he was going to be hospice but he is loving life.
Sep 29, 2017
115 viewsMarilynK's Gabi loves to sit on the couch and watch the action outside. There may be some barking involved!Sep 29, 2017
115 viewsMars B. says: "This is Henry, he's 4 1/2 years home & was diagnosed with IVDD on April 10, 2017. After being paralyzed for 3 months with strict crate rest, daily physical therapy, faith and undying love he now walks! I still do PT with him & give him breaks on long walks. He's my world. Not sure if he knows it but I didn't save him from IVDD , he saved me!"Sep 27, 2017
113 viewsLeslieC's Maximilian von hotdog is 13 years old and has had bouts with varying degrees of IVDD. Hey still enjoys the beautiful outdoors and lives life to the fullest even when it's on the couch.Sep 27, 2017
116 viewsCarol A's Ty was such a trooper during his daily water therapy in our bathtub following his disc surgery in 2007. He's now a healthy 15 years old & still enjoys a quick swim.Sep 27, 2017
114 viewsJessica and Richard's Rusty disc episode has been managed well with crate rest and the excellent advice of Dodgerslist! Sep 27, 2017
113 viewsAbbyW's Waffles says: "I am a very good girl and I would like a treat please!"Sep 27, 2017
114 viewsThis is Cheryl L's Freddy, my wonder weiner dog! Back in May of 2017, Freddy went down with IVDD. We tried conservative treatment, but he had to have surgery. We were given a 50/50 chance of him being able to recover and gain use of his back legs. I am happy to report that he is doing well, walking, wagging his tail and wanting to run! I love my little Chubby Bunny!!!Sep 27, 2017
114 viewsDr. Judy's Dogtor Louie is ready for the Holidays!Sep 27, 2017
121 viewsConnie and Kevin's little TOBY is 4 years old he has been paralyzed since he was 1 and a half from a bad jump but that don't stop him he loves to take walks in his stroller, share ice cream, play hide and seek, play with toys sleep on the bed with daddy and mama and be silly by smiling and acting like a bat. This little guy will melt your heart.Sep 27, 2017
118 viewsAmyD's Jethro says: "It was tough at first but I have gotten used to mom dressing me up."Sep 27, 2017
117 viewsSharonB's Wally walking again!Sep 27, 2017
112 viewsStarla's Moe had his second surgery in August 2017 and is doing great! Here he is enjoying some physical therapy outside!Sep 27, 2017
112 viewsThis is KrystenK's Oscar. He is 7 years old and has been paralyzed for 3 years due to IVDD. He loves life and doesn't let his injury slow him down! Sep 26, 2017
127 viewsPricillaS' with all of them together. ..oh and with Fernando the "Ugly Dachshund," Scooby, AvaRose, Gabriel, TinySep 26, 2017
113 viewsGayleM's Elmer is so much better. I want to thank Dodgerslist for the wonderful support you gave us.Sep 26, 2017
113 viewsGail's Yost has had 2 back surgeries! Plus one incident of just using meds and crate rest. He's recovered from them all!!! He's now 8 years old. No jumping and no stairs!Sep 26, 2017
111 viewsTimS' Missy went through a regimen of Pprednisone, and Laser treatment along with crate rest after loosing control of both legs. She continues to improve. As you can see, she is now walking although a bit wobbly but he hope she recovers fully, otherwise, she will be sporting a pink set of wheels. Many thanks to this forum for all the help and for being a Beacon of Hope during a most stressful time!Sep 26, 2017
113 viewsJenniferH's Ben is dressed as Speed Racer. He loves to run so it fits his personality.Sep 26, 2017
115 viewsJenniferH's red Rosie had surgery over 4 years ago and is doing great! Ben is on the right.Sep 26, 2017
113 viewsBeverlyK's Dahlia says: Thank you Dodgerslist for the great advice you provided to my mom! With your guidance, I am chasing squirrels again! Love, hugs and dachsie kisses!Sep 25, 2017
115 viewsYogikon's Ollie had back surgery in 2014 and has had a great recovery. If I hadn't found Dodgerslist, I wouldn't have known that surgery (or crate rest) was even an option for an IVVD injury. Thank you for giving so many dogs, and dog lovers more time together!Sep 25, 2017
112 viewsLaurenS's Winston has IVDD and has been paraplegic since January of this year. He has logged countless hours of hydrotherapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, and cart-time, but we love him just the way he is, and hope he'll be around for another 7 years at least.Sep 25, 2017
>141 viewsRoxanneA's Rowdy became paralyzed quite suddenly in late November 2016. He had surgery the next day and has done so well. He runs, plays and is very happy. We are so thankful.Sep 25, 2017
114 viewsMarjorieJ's Cookie, blind-deaf double dapple, now about 13 years old. Adopted her when she was about 9. Two years ago, she began to limp and she got progressively worse. We first tried complete crate-rest but being blind and deaf, she is constantly seeking us out and wants to touch us or one of her dachsie siblings. The only aggravated her injury. Two days into crate-rest, we realized that she needed surgery. The poor pup was in agonizing pain. Her surgery went well and she was soon back to herselfSep 25, 2017
114 viewsReneeD says for her Danka living in San Diego means taking wheel walks all year round. The Plumaria blooms are just too beautiful to pass. Danka the Dachshund in WheelsSep 25, 2017
139 viewsIVDD WarriorSep 25, 2017
139 viewsMorganB's Jax is a sweet 7-year-old Shar-Pei who has IVDD due to abuse he suffered from his previous owners. He had surgery to correct an episode in November of 2016, and after fully recovering his hobbies include: snuggling, watching Game of Thrones, long walks, chewing bones, running around and playing with his brother, and sunbathing. Jax the Shar-Pei loves to playSep 25, 2017
118 viewsGlenda's Harley-D is a little over 1 year post-op surgery. Thanks to my awesome Mom and Dr. Kemp and Dr. Clary and their quick action I am back to loving life and chasing anything that moves. Especially squirrels! I am almost 10 and don't have any plans of slowing down anytime soon...but I do love naps!Sep 25, 2017
114 viewsJax is a sweet 7-year-old Shar-Pei who has IVDD due to abuse he suffered from his previous owners. He had surgery to correct an episode in November of 2016, and after fully recovering his hobbies include: snuggling, watching Game of Thrones, long walks, chewing bones, running around and playing with his brother, and sunbathing. Jax doesn't follow the rulesSep 25, 2017
116 viewsDeborahR's 9 year old Raci enjoying some cuddle time with her best friend Prince, 6.Sep 25, 2017
115 viewsJax is a sweet 7-year-old Shar-Pei who now has IVDD due to abuse he suffered from his previous owners. He had surgery to correct an episode in November of 2016, and after fully recovering his hobbies include: snuggling, watching Game of Thrones, long walks, flirting, chewing bones, running around and playing with his brother, and sunbathing. Sep 25, 2017
116 viewsRaci Lu Dae underwent surgery for IVDD in September 2016. After long, hard weeks of rest she began water treadmill therapy along with laser treatments. She has gotten stronger and faster as the months have gone on. She enjoys running around the farm with the chickens, snoozing on the couch and most of all eating whatever she can find!Sep 25, 2017
116 viewsMaryK's Mila wonders: Does this go any faster!?Sep 25, 2017
123 viewsElaine's Ernie came into her care eighteen months ago, he had been treated conservatively but sadly remained paralysed. He has had a few small and one large episode. He, like most dachshunds are tough and never let a disability stop them from enjoying life. Ernie the fastest dachshund in Scotland!Sep 25, 2017
116 viewsCoffee for me, please! After two surgeries for IVDD, DebbiD's Oscar has traveled many miles in his pram. Now he just uses it to hang out at table level in cafes, hoping for a taste of a latte.Sep 24, 2017
120 viewsAfter two surgeries for IVDD, DebbieD's Oscar has become a keen cyclist and loves to go touring with the wind blowing in his ears.. This was a lovely spring ride to the Swing Bridge in Sale, Victoria Australia. Sep 24, 2017
119 viewsAt age 12, SharonD's Jared suffered his first struggle with cervicle nerve impingement. He was in severe pain. He and I were both afraid. Strict crate rest and medications saw Jared through to healing. Minor episodes since, but old Uncle Jared is now 16.5 years old. Sep 24, 2017
158 viewsSamatha & Whitney's Skeeter is now 5 years post op from IVDD surgical intervention. He's doing great! His first airplane ✈️ ride. 1 commentsSep 24, 2017
156 viewsSamantha & Whitney's Skeeter is now 5 years post op from IVDD surgical intervention is doing great. Coco watches over Skeeter--- Brother & Sister love ❤️!1 commentsSep 24, 2017
157 viewsSamantha and Whitney bought Skeeter a dapper bow tie. Skeetner, now 5 years post op, is doing great! 1 commentsSep 24, 2017
158 viewsSamantha & Whitney's Skeeter,now 5 years post op, kicked his sister Coco out of her bed.1 commentsSep 24, 2017
157 viewsSamantha's Skeeter enjoys ear rubs from his dad!1 commentsSep 24, 2017
157 viewsSkeeter is now 5 years post op from IVDD surgical intervention. He's doing great! Annoying his sister Coco.1 commentsSep 24, 2017
158 viewsSamatha's Skeeter is now 5 years post op from IVDD surgical intervention. He's doing great! Nap 😴 time. 1 commentsSep 24, 2017
115 viewsSamantha's Skeeter is now 5 years post op from IVDD surgical intervention. He's doing great! Here he is hanging out with his sister Coco.Sep 24, 2017
153 viewsSamantha's Skeeter is now 5 years post op from IVDD surgical intervention. He's doing great! Loving life. Here he is hanging out with his dad with his happy tooth out!1 commentsSep 24, 2017
117 viewsNancyB's Mathew is dressed as a farmer for Halloween for our local dog park annual Halloween at Lyon Oaks Dog Park in Wixom , Michigan. Matthew loves to run the lure coursing they had there and even won for best costume. Dodgerslist was a great blessing for Matthew when he was 3 years old. We had a scare with IVDD and did cold laser and acupuncture for one year. Matthew loves to chase the big dogs along the fence that divides the small dogs from the large dogs at the dog park.Sep 24, 2017
117 viewsJenW's Louie has a favorite spot when traveling in the RVSep 24, 2017
Hot Dog118 viewsJenW's Louie is one hot doggieSep 24, 2017
118 viewsJen's Louie has a favorite treat. His guilty pleasure is getting a puppuccino from Starbucks Sep 24, 2017
115 viewsJenW's Louie got caught getting into the whip creamSep 24, 2017
116 viewsLouie's favorite thing to do is go for car ridesSep 24, 2017
117 viewsLouie opening his presents on Christmas morningSep 24, 2017
115 viewsNancyD's Mickey IVDD Fully RecoveredSep 24, 2017
115 viewsJackieB's Joey is a highly lovable, fuzzy little boy with a love for people, biscuits, and chasing tennis balls. He is an excellent guard dog to his new human baby brother.Sep 24, 2017
116 viewsAshleyS's LuLu, 8 year mini doxie as a Christmas reindeer. LuLu is 3x IVDD survivor thanks to Dodgerslist.

Sep 24, 2017
114 viewsJennieP's ZoeySep 24, 2017
115 viewsJennie's Zoey getting some snuggle time with Mom and Dad in the big bed #sleepygirl

Sep 24, 2017
118 viewsJenW's Louie says: Im ready for my close-up Sep 24, 2017
118 viewsJenW only can imagine what Louie's dreams are made of. This little boy melts the heart even when he is nappingSep 24, 2017
116 viewsLouie celebrating his 12th birthday this yearSep 24, 2017
118 viewsThat sweet little tongue Sep 24, 2017
118 viewsLouie recovering after his minor surgery.Sep 24, 2017
120 viewsJenW's Louie out for an afternoon strollSep 24, 2017
115 views"supersize me" at the Drive ThruSep 24, 2017
115 viewsSoaking up the sun while on neighborhood watchSep 24, 2017
117 viewsLouie off in dream landSep 24, 2017
114 viewsJenW's Louie going for a trip in the RVSep 24, 2017
117 viewsHarvey and Harley Quinn here, modeling Ruff Ramps used to help reduce the risk of developing IVDD.
After learning from Dodgerslist about all the risks associated with our breed developing IVDD. Our Dad started making and selling pet ramps on etsy to help us and other breeds reduce their risk. No more jumping to our favorite spots on the couch or bed. The ramps even have "Easy Grip Dips" so we don't slip.
Sep 16, 2017
115 viewsTony's Maggie Conservative Graduate "Maggie on all fours singing Eye of the Tiger" (due to her post surgery, to paralysis, to conservative rehabilitation spanning four months).Sep 14, 2017
156 viewsCathyN adopted Pittman from DRNA in May, 2013. He was 5 years old then, and walked with "a hitch in his giddy-up". We knew he had a bad back but he had his first and thankfully minor episode in 2016 with a second this year. So far so good and no surgery needed. Thanks to Dodgerslist I knew what meds to talk about with the doctor, and to ask for laser treatments1 commentsSep 13, 2017
116 viewsChelsea's Bazinga 2017. After three IVDD episodes, Bazinga still walks with scuffing nails and a wobble. He loves to be included on our adventures, especially when we go to the lake. Sep 12, 2017
144 viewsDebG says there is no stopping this wheelie girl!!
Rollin with " Tootsie Lou" gets everywhere she needs to after not being a surgical candidate for her back wheels were the best thing!! Loving life!
Sep 11, 2017
116 viewsLauren's Heidi is half dachshund, half cairn terrier. She had trouble with her back and put on crate rest when she was 6 months old, but she's been better since. She's my mini Wonder WomanSep 11, 2017
118 viewsMelanieC's Ms. Penny in her Underdog costume from last year. Now that she's graduated post-op crate rest - she's no Underdog - she needs a Superdog costume!Sep 11, 2017
116 viewsMancyB's Matthew defeated IVDD at age 3 with help of this website . We did acupuncture and cold laser
for close to a year. We also went to Dr Galle from this webiste as he was only an
hour drive from my home. We visited there twice. Matthew is fine . He runs and plays
but we do not allow jumping ever
Sep 11, 2017
140 viewsNancyS' Maisey is a happy girl with our grandson. Maisey Faye has always thought of him her baby.Sep 09, 2017
Maisy Faye118 viewsNancyS' Maisy resting in her crate during her second disc episode. Maisey Faye had enjoyed two years of good health in between episodes and is resting comfortably with the help of pain meds.Sep 09, 2017
149 viewsSueF's beautiful spider Molly she is 8 years old she is the fastest spider in the North and we love her so very very muchSep 09, 2017
113 viewsJessB's Butch (dressed as Ewok) and Sundance (dressed as Chewbacca)- rescued Shih Tzu mix,
assumed to be brothers, approximately 5yo. Both have IVDD.
Sep 09, 2017
116 viewsNancyB's little witch. Gary is 11 years old. Only one we have that will wear clothes.Sep 09, 2017
116 viewsJodiH's Sweetpee (girl) in skunk costume. She is twelve in this picture and is a long haired dachshund. She had back surgery spring of 2016 and now has become diabetic but is going strong.
Sep 09, 2017
119 viewsscharfey's Gretchen had her back surgery at 4 years of age, with recurrence at about 14. She used her cart and lived happily until age 17. Here she is trick or treating with my granddaughter.Sep 09, 2017
114 viewsThis is MichelleB's Abby at last year's Halloweenie in Atlanta. She loved being the only "Hula girl" at the party!
Sep 09, 2017
115 viewsMichelleP rescued two! Abby from a hoarding situation in KY, and Amy was found wandering in Immokolee FL as a stray. Both wonderful doxies! No back issues so far thank God. We had lost a prior mini dox to myelomalacia which developed after a disc injury.
Sep 09, 2017
140 viewsCathyL's Kasey out of crate 3 days shy of 8 weeks...doing great!! full of energy..trying to keep him calm and still let him enjoy life!Sep 08, 2017
117 viewsJane's Seiji woke us up in the middle of the night one morning in distress. He was no longer able to walk. We rushed him to the vet and he recognized that he had IVDD after an x-ray was taken. Seiji had emergency surgery and they only gave gim a 50-50 chance of walking again. Recovery for him was long and difficult. If it wasn't for Dodgerslist and all the invaluable information that they had about exercise and rehabilitation, I don't think we could've gotten through it. Thank you, Dodgerslist!Sep 08, 2017
119 viewsRoxanne's Princess Nelli took time to be correctly diagnosed with IVDD. Unfortunately she was also prescribed conflicting meds (NSAIDS and steriods). Luckily for Nelli and me, we joined Dodgerslist and they immediately alerted me to the potential emergency. Thanks to their alert, I was able to consult with my vet and avert a disaster. Nelli is in the middle of her crate rest but I'm optimistic....and grateful for the great Dodgerslist moderators for their support of complete strangers like me.Sep 07, 2017
155 viewsAngieS' Shiner is the light of my life! He went down with a cervical episode in 2016. We went to the vet (and they have weens so very informed on IVDD), received anti-inflams and appropriate pain meds, 8 weeks strict crate rest (along with his rice sock), and used support and information from dodgerslist to direct me on how to take care of him day to day. (knock on wood) Shiner is 100% and hasn't had another issue.1 commentsSep 07, 2017
116 viewsChrisD's Fritz went down January 2014. I tried to get him in some medical trials but no go. I decided to use crate rest. I had no choice. Luckily he didn't lose his bowel control. He leaked a bit and that's it. He was on crate rest for 6 months and I followed dodger list recommendations. He escaped out of his crate once and I wanted to be extra sure he was healed up so I added some extra time. At first he was on pain meds but I gradually weaned him off those. He hasn't had a relapse. Sep 06, 2017
118 viewsDanyale's Charlie CooperSep 06, 2017
119 viewsKatriniaB's Sweet PennySep 06, 2017
140 viewsDottieW's puggle, Sarge, now can take some wobbly steps after a Mar 2017 surgery! Dr. Pribyl pointed Dottie to Dodgerslist to help her with post-op care. Daily water therapy in a child's plastic pool and warm water of the bathtub assist this puggle with learning to walk. Go Sarge!!Sep 06, 2017
138 viewsMegan's Lucy had a disc episode in December 2016. My vet gave her an NSAID and told me that if she didn't get better my only choice was to send St Louis for an expensive surgery. I didn't have it. With the help of Dodgerslist and a dear friends we found out that Lucy could do a treatment of Prednisone and muscle relaxers and strict kennel rest for 8 weeks. Lucy is now doing great and has never been in such good shape.Sep 06, 2017
115 viewsAllisonH's BowserSep 05, 2017
116 viewsAllisonH thought when Bowser (Chocolate/Tan) one day woke up and couldn't walk his life was honestly over. After doing alot of research and finding and hearing about others stories, I didn't give up and had him on cage rest for 12 weeks. He has not had a back problem since and that was years ago. I don't think I would have done it without the help of members on! Thank you so much!Sep 05, 2017
120 viewsNancy's Ellie Ana thinks Dodgerslist has been invaluable! So happy to have found this site and the wealth of knowledge from the moderators and other members in the forum!Sep 05, 2017
143 viewsIt has been 2 years since Liz' Tutti iVDD diagnosis. Tutti says: I am doing great! I have a doggone pawsome medical team including my conventional and holistic veterinarians, trainer, groomer, nutritionist, family and the wonderful people at Dodgerslist! They really mean it when they say "We have your back!" Heartfelt thanks forever!Sep 05, 2017
142 viewsMichelle' Barney had his first episode of IVDD in May of 2012 and now he's a speedster. I don't know what we would have done without the support of Dodgerslist. You helped me find the right doctor and the right treatments that led to him living five more incredible years. We owe his life to you and we will be forever grateful for you. Sep 05, 2017
115 viewsMarie's Piglett getting hydrotherapy. The advice and support we received at Dodgerlist through conservative care/Crate Rest and now after as we go through Pulse Stimulation Therapy and Hydrotherapy to increase Piglette's mobility after a suspected IVDD episode has been invaluable. I wish I would have known about it sooner! Thank you!!! Sep 05, 2017
115 viewsMaryD's Rodney has had 2 surgeries on his back, and both have been successful due to quick action and knowledge of the vet. He recovered with crate rest after each surgery and we now do not allow him to climb stairs or jump. He has returned to his usual self each timeSep 05, 2017
156 viewsTeresa's Oscar is doing great after treatment at River Canine Rehab and support from DodgesList. He enjoys the water treadmill and obstacle course. Lasers are so cool! Eleven years old and lots of life and love left in this sweet guy. 1 commentsSep 05, 2017
142 viewsKaren's 15 y.o. Jade lives in the UK - August 2017 (9 months post-op) absolutely loves her walks (and sometimes runs) on the grass whatever the weather. Still sporting a small bald patch from her surgery but it's growing back just in time for the winter!Sep 05, 2017
142 viewsBonnie's Jinx continues to be his spunky self 2 1/2 years after his IVDD episode and spinal surgery. He'll be 14 in December and never ceases to amaze us with his ongoing energy and enthusiasm for life. Sep 05, 2017
139 viewsKaren's happy and health Jade sends big staffy kisses from the UK. August 2017 (9 months post-op)Sep 05, 2017
115 viewsJenK's Luci: 7 years old; Diagnosed w/IVDD at 5 y/o. We were told to put her down, but Dodgerslist gave us all the info and confidence we needed to do crate rest. She can now walk (wobbly) but we still need to express her which we know how to do, thanks to Dodgerslist!! Sep 05, 2017
134 viewsDannette's Baby Frehley is an 8 yr old shihtzu
She was completely down and could not even lift her head.
Had surgery on c3-4 discs on May 19,2017 and happily is back up playing and running and doing great!!! She has some days where she stumbles, but doing GREAT!! Don't give up!!!! Make sure you have a wonderful harness after surgery. It was a lifesaver!!!
Sep 05, 2017
114 viewsBettyB's BuddySep 05, 2017
153 viewsAmyC's Liza is an IVDD superhero in her first boudoir photo shoot.Sep 05, 2017
121 viewsLejia's Gunner in Seattle on first day of injury. Look how happy he is! His guardian, taking the picture, was not as delighted. Dogs are amazing beings and we are lucky to be with them.
Sep 05, 2017
125 viewsKourtney and Tom's Finnly is the most determined pup, his willingness to adapt to every adjustment in his recovery is astounding. He's our little hero! Sep 05, 2017
120 viewsLisaS' Peter Parker is a 16 year old IVDD Surviror (cervical 2013)! Peter loves river trips, meat and his mommy!!Sep 05, 2017
123 viewsAshleyC's Bodhi wants to inspire all of the dogs to keep smiling, because there's a lot of life to soak up and live after an IVDD diagnosis and a 2016 surgery.
Sep 05, 2017
121 viewsKathleen's Daphne, Fr. Bulldog can run and squat and enjoy her life again after surgery! Dodger's List saved our sanity more than once in the last year. Daphne and we thank you!Sep 05, 2017
131 viewsDawnG's Super Dog to the Rescue! Time to fight neighborhood crime of humans not picking up after their pets during a walk. This is the job for...SUPER MAX!! Aug 20, 2017
122 viewsPatti's GingerAug 19, 2017
147 viewsDiane C. reports that rescue. Sullivan, sustained a disc injury and despite surgery did not regain use of his rear legs. He has adapted well to a wheelchair and continues to be a ball hog! He has been adopted by a wonderful, active family!
Aug 18, 2017
118 views"Love my brave boy, Baxter, with all my heart!" ~JoAnn CAug 18, 2017
118 viewsJoAnn C's precious Baxter. Aug 18, 2017
124 viewsVickyC's 10 y.o. Willy just recently had spinal surgery, may or may not walk. We will see. Willy says: “ I just Know I am going to play ball again!!"Aug 18, 2017
113 viewsTerry N's BEAUTIFUL furbabies. Savannah, Sir MacDoodle, Zoey, and old man, IVDD Surgeries survivor, Dach in front.Aug 18, 2017
141 viewsMandy's Maisy can go anywhere. Here she is hiking in the woods enjoying the beautiful weather.Aug 17, 2017
119 viewsMandyW's Maisy loves taking her wheels to the beach and exploring the sand, people and water. Aug 17, 2017
115 viewsMelP's Hunley says: "Happy Halloweenie." Aug 17, 2017
116 viewsAmy's Dolly is praying for all dogs to get better soonAug 17, 2017
115 viewsEmily's Jazzy isn't scared of IVDD but IVDD should be scared of Jazzy. This is the face of a fighter.Aug 17, 2017
113 viewsSandyC's Ulla "Perseverance is a Dachshund with a purpose."Aug 17, 2017
119 viewsNoella's Bo is her goofy li'l foster kid. He's up wobble walking now and I'm very excited for him. Bo loves to play and toss toys about. He's a very loving li'l man that will charm you every day.Aug 17, 2017
119 viewsNoella's Gracie is a very strong wobble walker & uses her cart to give her the top line of a champion.
She's a true inspiration and the love of me life.
Aug 17, 2017
1804 viewsMaria's Baxter is 13 years old.. Surgery Feb 2016
Happy little boy with a big appetite who loves to be spoilt.
Aug 16, 2017
116 viewsMaria's Baxter 13 years old from Australia. He had neck surgery in Feb 2016. Happy little boy with a big appetite who loves to be spoilt.Aug 16, 2017
1781 viewsMeganW's Joe had his first episode & spinal surgery two years ago, he had a great recovery & loves life! He is full of attitude and sass & is the center of our lives.Aug 16, 2017
113 viewsSylvie's Pollly is 10 now. She was a stray when she found us. i do believe it's a spinal cord injury. she is in the crate for what Dodgers website recommended 8 long weeks. She is a fighter, i am hoping for a miracleAug 16, 2017
141 viewsKay's Timmy back after a post op rest in January 2017. Now he's been enjoys the summer from behind his stylish shades. Aug 16, 2017
120 viewsKay's Timmy amongst the flowers in Bristol, England. Aug 16, 2017
114 viewsRebecca's beautiful Cookie enjoys every chance she gets to lay in the grass and soak up the sun.Aug 16, 2017
116 viewsRebecca's Cookie loves going outside and laying in the grass.Aug 16, 2017
117 viewsSonia's Kacper, a Chinese Crested Powderpuff. This was taken last week, Kacper walked a total of 32.8 miles during this week on our caravan holiday. Kacper is now 10, he had his episode at 6 years old, he was completely paralysed in his back legs, as you can see not anymore. He's such a little trooper. Aug 16, 2017
140 viewsAbby's Waffles, on conservative treatment, just regained bladder control today, Wahoo!!! There is such good hope that leg function will return, too! Waffles is dreaming of being king of her backyard again.Aug 07, 2017
124 viewsRob's Oliver by September will have completed 8 weeks of conservative treatment in his recovery suite and back to enjoying the lounging on the cool hallway floors.Aug 06, 2017
116 viewsMichelleB's Abby loved being the only Hula Grild at Halloweenie in Atlanta. At Halloweenie this year, I will be handing out your brochures and volunteering at the IVDD booth for a little while.Aug 06, 2017
114 viewsNancy's Matthew is a 6 year old Shih tzu At age 3 with help of Dodgerslist and Dr Galle a disc episode was defeated. Matthew is fine running and playing but not allow jumping ever. Aug 06, 2017
113 viewsLauren's Heidi is a doxie-Carin Terrier mix. Her first disc episode was at 6 months old. Heidi is a mini Wonder Woman and doing just fine now a days.Aug 06, 2017
111 viewsNorma's Cali heading to hospital for surgery.Aug 06, 2017
111 viewsRocco’s Sophie's resting and counting the days down being a bit silly playing peek-a-boo lolAug 05, 2017
109 viewsRocco’s Sophie's doing well licking on her 3 lamb lung treats. Just resting and counting the days down. Today's the day we celebrate as her birthday since it's the day we adopted her. Aug 05, 2017
116 viewsRob's Oliver is recovering nicely from the skin effects of diarrhea.Jul 28, 2017
116 viewsRobertW's Oliver on crate restJul 24, 2017
115 viewsJul 23, 2017
115 viewsJul 23, 2017
146 viewsAmber's Winston's doing scratchies! left foot has more purposeful movement every day!Jul 21, 2017
142 viewsGayle's Elmer just starting conservative treatment mid July 2017Jul 19, 2017
117 viewsGayle's Elmer is four years old. After a July 2017 surgery he is out of pain and now can wobbly walk!!Jul 19, 2017
184 viewsCarolyn's Buckeye is happy to be finished with his crate rest treatment, and is continuing to make an excellent recovery! Here he is enjoying his favorite activity, snoozing. 1 commentsJul 12, 2017
117 viewsCarolyn's Buckeye is happy to be finished with his crate rest treatment, and is continuing to make an excellent recovery! Jul 12, 2017
120 viewsAlisonC and Dan's dog "Slink". This photo is pre-surgery but he is currently still recovering at the speciality care center after his hemilaminectomy surgery on July 8, 2017. Jul 10, 2017
118 viewsJennieP's Zoey loving a nap. Since surgery a year ago, we have modifications to our routine such as keeping stairs and furniture blocked off - ALWAYS!Jul 10, 2017
120 viewsJennieP's Zoey one year out from surgery. Zoey is a very playful girl with lots and lots of energy.Jul 10, 2017
144 viewsJulie's Pickles showing big improvements; he walks very short distances on grass and although he looks like he's drunk, it's going waaaay better than I could have dreamt after he first went lame and had surgery.Jul 08, 2017
147 viewsAmber's Winston IS the sun king!Jul 08, 2017
139 viewsTata's 4 year old Pickles: 3 herniated disks, surgery 5/4/17, now in recovery! "Frankendog"?Jul 07, 2017
112 viewsShelby's Lucy is enjoying the love of her two favorite humans after a surgery. Jul 07, 2017
113 viewsTerry's Dach recovered after surgery.Jul 07, 2017
112 viewsAngelaC's Louie, 5 years old, is on his 3rd wk of crate rest at home in the UK.Jul 07, 2017
115 viewsClaudia did not give up on Coco even though her vet did after completion of conservative treatment. After locating a new vet to provide acupuncture and underwater treadmill, Coco is now walking! Jul 07, 2017
114 viewsJulesM's lovely Lola Victoria .. chihuahua 4 years old diagnosed with ivdd.Jul 07, 2017
123 viewsMandyW's Maisy, 3 year old Cockapoo, enjoying a calming session of acupuncture!Jul 07, 2017
111 viewsGayle A's handsome 4 1/2 year old fur baby "Flynn" he had surgery 6 weeks ago on 5/12/16 for a ruptured disc in the T12/13 which was compressing his spinal cord. He is still being crated and has had lots of physio but I'm delighted to say he has regained full use of his back legs and is able to walk, run etc. We are still taking things slowly and had a total lifestyle change e.g. absolutely no jumping ! Your site gave me so much hope and help when we discovered Flynn had IVDD.Jul 07, 2017
121 viewsSteve's Wally, from Canada, is a Rescue from a puppy mill in 2009/
The first of 2017, Wally went down and now mom and dad restrict his movements while healing for the next 8 weeks. He's on Prednisone and Gabapentin for pain.
Jul 07, 2017
146 viewsAshley's Jackson post IVDD surgery - Resting in his recovery suite about 6 days post op and 2nd full day at home. Jul 06, 2017
114 viewsAshley's Jackson post IVDD surgery. About 6 days post surgery, 2nd full day at home in his recovery suite.Jul 06, 2017
115 viewsTrish's Rocky before IVDD & relapse. Rocky was a champion show dog before IVDD. He loved walking, running, barking at birds, playing with his Pit mix buddy Calamity & his uncle Flair.Jul 01, 2017
112 viewsCheryl's Tyson says: "My daddy said I was born a NC Tarheel" My first disc episode happened to me this summer at 9 y.o. I'm gonna beat this episode with conservative treatment!Jun 30, 2017
116 viewsLoriA's Cooper on his 1st birthday before getting hurt.Apr 13, 2017
119 viewsThis is Charlotte's Toni on his second week of crate rest after an IVDD episode. Apr 10, 2017
123 viewsThe Brother's family with Peanut's first time in the underwater treadmill tank. Very cool!Mar 30, 2017
119 viewsThis is Judith's Copper pre-surgery when she was in a lot of pain.Mar 30, 2017
119 viewsJudithG-s Copper is a 6 yr old female!Mar 30, 2017
118 viewsDeborah's Killian has graduated conservative treatment and is watching the cat jump onto the table with interest. Pillow is still more comfortable than the floor. Mar 21, 2017
117 viewsDeborah's Killian is enjoying his post conservative release from the kennel and is making himself comfortable. Mar 21, 2017
118 viewsAimee's Tallulah takes time for a close up after graduating post op crate rest.Mar 16, 2017
121 viewsVictoria's Duak with paw turned outMar 09, 2017
119 viewsHrtb's Ginger at 10 years old- picture of health . . . then neck pain issueFeb 24, 2017
128 viewsMichelle's Jaeger on Feb 2017: Day 1 of Crate Rest. 3 days post IVDD episode and home from hospitalization. Drugged up well and ready to start his crate rest.Feb 20, 2017
121 viewsLoriN's Jasper snuggles up to his blankey, 2 days post surgeryFeb 14, 2017
151 viewsLarry's Sniddles after 8 weeks of crate rest and meds. Happy and active, not appearing to be in pain but back is always arched.Feb 08, 2017
146 viewsJill's Reese is 8 weeks post op. We just had his recheck at the Neuro office and they are thrilled with his progress from down on all four leg to now walking! Reese has graduated and is proudly sports his new shirt.Feb 07, 2017
134 viewsKay's Timmy back home and resting in his recovery suite after disc surgeryJan 08, 2017
152 viewsYvonne's Charlotte developed a bump on her neck. It was aspirated, now waiting for a report.Jan 01, 2017
129 viewsKaren's Jade in the UK tries on Christmas outfits as 5 weeks post op crate rest boredom sets in.Dec 29, 2016
129 viewsKaren's Staffy/JR mix in the UK now 5 weeks post op crate rest the boredom sets in. Jade tries on her Christmas outfits.Dec 29, 2016
123 viewsSharon's Lacey loves the snow!Dec 29, 2016
132 viewsJenS's Pete will have to get back to some of that bubble madness again, now that he has graduated from post op rest.Dec 23, 2016
160 viewsBrittany's kitty, Bambi, protesting her 8th week of crating.

Dec 21, 2016
173 viewsThis is a label I printed out and had stuck to Marley's File Folder at the VETS OFFICE. I won't leave it to Techs who do not know him....Dec 19, 2016
156 viewsJennifer's Pixie 5years old. Special needs Doxie. Paralysed, unsuccessful surgery 08/16. Doing just fine!Dec 06, 2016
155 viewsThis perpetual calendar is now in the Dodgerslist store.…choose your begin year/month:
Dec 02, 2016
141 viewsJessB's Sundance first day home after surgery.Nov 19, 2016
133 viewsSusan G's Sirius (red one) getting a little sunshine during a potty break from the crate. :) That's his "Brother from another mother", Smokey....always there for emotional support. Nov 17, 2016
141 viewsMikeA's Gracie at her first laser therapy session after surgery. How do you like her "Doggles"?Oct 29, 2016
183 viewsMaryM's Oscar starting his 3rd week of crate restOct 26, 2016
196 viewsGina's Dukie sticking his nose through trying to get sympathy1 commentsOct 25, 2016
Dukie's 1st cage rest. 148 viewsGina's Dukie's 1st day of 24/7 Cage rest, looking so pitiful with his sad eyes hahaOct 25, 2016
168 viewsSusi’s Hans getting his first aqua therapy session last year after his second IVDD episode. He's walking thanks to to good advice, support and the mods who encouraged me to advocate for him at the vets officeOct 22, 2016
143 viewsMitch's Roxy recovered with a surgery and conservative treatment during 2014. Roxy (LH) and Kiki found a squirrel in the tree!Sep 28, 2016
189 viewsCaryle's Amos had his 2nd surgery Sep 2016 and is doing well in recovery.Sep 26, 2016
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Sep 20, 2016
155 viewsJared's DIY harness for JillSep 17, 2016
130 viewsLena's Loopy is a happy and healthy sugarfaced mini, from NYC—15 years young! She loves to eat, explore new neighborhoods and sit in the sun by the Hudson River.
Back in January, 2016, she was struck down by IVDD and we had to keep her on crate rest. Besides the standard diagnostic tests and treatments we added acupuncture, localized B12 injections and physical therapy. By doing her homework, she thankfully was able to avoid invasive surgery! Loopy has a much adored chocolate long-haired brother named Ochi
Sep 16, 2016
132 viewsNoel's Gracie is a 6 yr old wobble walker. She had been paralyzed for over 2 yrs & is working her way back to walking better again. She even participates in dachshund races. Gracie is an amazing young lady with a heart of gold.Sep 15, 2016
134 viewsApril's Lilo is wheeling her way into her 4th year of IVDD. She is 9 years young and going stronger than ever! Despite surgery and many months of rehab, Lilo never regained the use of her hind legs. She is an extraordinary, sassy, little gal who's zest for life has inspired over 50,000 people worldwide through her social media accounts. She is showing the world that life on wheels ain't too bad at all!!
Sep 14, 2016
177 viewsJared's Jill is on conservative treatment as of 9/10/16 and on the mend!1 commentsSep 13, 2016
128 viewsMary Anne's Rhett proves that dogs can recover from IVDD paralysis. He had IVDD surgery in April, 2005 and was showing by Sept. 2005 again at DOCOF. He always "smiled at both ends" and continued showing until 2015. He went over The Rainbow Bridge 9/10/2016 from heart disease/kidney failure. He was 15 years 4 months old.Sep 13, 2016
132 viewsIl's Peabody is an IVDD victor! One surgery, plus two more bouts treated conservatively -- but Peabody (8 years old) is as good as new. She loves patrolling the property by ATV (we hold her tummy and chest for support) and on foot!Sep 13, 2016
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