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40 viewsLeighB's two pups and a toddler. Both Hydie (Shih Tzu) and Bean (Dachshund) have IVDD, Hydie took medication and rested in 2011, while with Bean we went the surgical route last summer (2017)
111 viewsNancyB's Mathew is dressed as a farmer for Halloween for our local dog park annual Halloween at Lyon Oaks Dog Park in Wixom , Michigan. Matthew loves to run the lure coursing they had there and even won for best costume. Dodgerslist was a great blessing for Matthew when he was 3 years old. We had a scare with IVDD and did cold laser and acupuncture for one year. Matthew loves to chase the big dogs along the fence that divides the small dogs from the large dogs at the dog park.
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