All things IVDD: core readings on canine disc disease
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--Helping Dogs with IVDD  May-June 2011(reprinted with permission of Dogs Naturally Magazine
-- Doxie Digest 2010

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How a prematurely aged disc
damages the spinal cord

Do everything possible to preserve the spinal cord with good crate rest principals! The true success with IVDD is measured by the most important goal of returning your dog to a pain free, happy and full-of-love quality of life after crate rest. Should paralysis occur, please know that dogs do not view the lack of ability to walk as a minus as humans do. Dogs adjust to what is and then get on with the business of fully enjoying all that life has to offer until nerves repair!

All things IVDD: canine disc disease

Treatments: conservative & surgery 
Recovery suite
Recovery suite how to set up
Supplies and tips during recovery
Emergency Crate Training
Emergency Sign for the Fridge
LIfting and carrying dog video; JPG
Strollers for pets
How Conservative Treatment works

ramp training
  1. Train your dog to use a ramp after graduation from crate rest
  2. Train your dog to sit not jump
  3. Keep 4 feet on the floor

Disc Disease 101 "must reads" for all IVDD dog owners

Being a savvy medical advocate gives confidence, tools and the know-how to fight the enemy and win!
Getting up to speed on IVDD

a 10-minute introduction
   Español, Français, italiano
An Overview:  Which meds, how the body & time work to heal during a disc episode, how long?

Calcified Discs - What they are and what they mean

Surgery: Q&A with Dr. Isaacs

Conservative or Surgery?

Emergency FAQ Print a copy for your handy reference file!

Neuro Corner  Q & A topics

Quality of life perspective  Tabby | Clark | Oscar

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Find Board certified neuro and ortho specialists

Care during a disc episode

Acupuncture can begin right away

Cervical disc episode tips

Chiropractic therapy is not recommended

Discharge Day clinic/hospital questions

Expressing Bladder and Bowel

Finding an IVDD vet  Questions To Ask the ER, General and Specialist

Massage and Passive Therapy Exercises During crate rest

NEW! MRI, CT, Xray, Ultrasound

Myelomalacia, a disease that can strike after spinal cord injury

Pain Control


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All about NSAIDs
NSAID package inserts
$4 generics used with IVDD
Laser Therapy heals nerves
Acupuncture/laser light vets
Drugs, herbs supplements
Adverse reactions of IVDD Meds-  look up each of your dog's meds to know what to observe for

Nutrition and diet  for IVDD dogs.

Stomach protection with an NSAID or a steroid.

Supplements for the IVDD dog

Neuropathic pain

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Dog food reviews

After crate rest then what? After crate rest easing back into physical activity

Back friendly home Ideas and tips to protect the back.

Back brace reservations, need more research for IVDD dogs

Living with the fear of IVDD
Care of incontinent and downed dog

Harness features for an IVDD dog; footwear

Ramp Training  •  How to build ramps; sit not jump; keep all 4 feet on floor

Rehabilitation therapies available.
Water Therapy at home

Wheelchair features to consider

Dentals & medical procedure anethesia precautions

Spinal walking

Stem Cell therapy. Presently not enough published research for Dodgerslist to support. We are watching Colorado State’s current clinical trial for their published research results.

Help Dodgerslist educate! It feels good to know you may have saved a life.