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Furniture Blockers
submitted by Tracey Gillespie

I can't take credit as this idea was suggested to me by another Dodgerslist member, Beverly Phillips. I just modified her instructions to suit my needs, which is what anyone else should do. This may seem like a lot of steps, but it is actually quite easy to assemble. I did not use PVC glue because I want to be able to take mine apart. All materials cost me around $20 for 3 frames that block both sofa and loveseat. Of course, I went to the hardware store so they would cut the pipes for me. Although they did not charge for the cuts, I am sure that you can probably buy cheaper from a lumber company.

My sofa blocker is made in the shape of a rectangle that is about 6" higher than the couch. The bottom has arms or supports attached so that it will stand up and these slide under the couch. If I want to sit down, I simply move one of the blockers to the side and sit. If I want to let the dogs up on the couch, I just pick them up and let them lay there with me. They do not attempt to jump down because they are blocked.

Two blockers are used for the couch

For each frame you will need:



Six pieces of 1/2" pvc pipe cut to fit (I had the hardware store cut for me)


Two (2-way) non-threaded 90 elbows
Two (3-way) 90 elbows (I bought with 2 ends unthreaded and 1 end threaded so I could remove arms for storage.
2 adaptors (from threaded to non-threaded...but you will not need these if you use non-threaded 3-ways)
2 end caps (optional - I have wood flooring and wanted to protect it from being scratched by the cut ends of the pvc)
Fabric - I used a twin size sheet for each. Any fabric can be used, just remember to measure enough for both sides of the slipcover.*Self-Adhesive velcro or fabric glue (If you do not sew. I sewed mine)

Instructions for each blocker:


Measure the length of the area you want to block. I made 2 blockers for my sofa, one for each sofa cushion length (see sofa picture) and one for the loveseat (see loveseat picture). For length, measure the length between legs underneath sofa (the blockers need room to slide under sofa). If making two blockers, divide this number by 2. I also subtracted 1/2" from each side of pvc length to allow for elbows. You will need two pipes for length for each blocker.


Measure the height of the area you want to block. I measured from floor to top of cushion and then added another 7 inches. You will need two pipes for height for each blocker.

3. Measure the length for the arms (supports) I used the same size as height. You will need two pipes for arms for each blocker.


4. Arrange 2 pipe lengths and 2 pipe heights into a rectangle on the floor. Connect top pipe lengths to pipe heights with a 2 way 90 elbow on each side. (See corner


5. Connect bottom pipe length to pipe heights with a 3 way 90 elbow with threaded end (if used) facing out. (See floor corner picture). Threaded end is not necessary but was all I could find. If you can find non-threaded, then you do not need the adaptors.
  6. Only if threaded ends are used: Attach adaptor with threaded end to 3 way 90 elbow.
  7. Connect arm length to adaptor or to 3 way without adaptor if using non-threaded.
8. Attach end caps to ends of arms.
  9. Measure the length and height of the finished rectangle frame. Add 1" to both
measurements for seams. Double the measurement for the height. Fold in half and sew 2 seams of 1/2" on each side. Hem bottom (optional). Slip over frame and slide under couch. *The fabric can also be attached with fabric glue or velcro.
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