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Intervertebral disc disease

Dodgerslist Members report their surgical costs and recommend IVDD knowledgeable vets for conservative treatment.

There are many variables in total surgery/post-op costs, length & difficulty of surgery, preventative fenestration, PT such as water therapy, in addition to how many days stay in hospital, after surgery, after hour ER services, etc.

Don't go by price alone, a good way to reduce the risks of surgery is to choose a specialist, a board certified surgeon. Find veterinary surgeons (ACVS ortho) and neuro surgeons (ACVIM) here:

                                    Why NOT to price shop:     
Comments or your own vet recommendation can be made here:
State Hospital Address Date Cost Included Comment
AK Dr. Marna Ketchikan

Island to Island Vet
3528 Tongass Ave, Ketchikan, AK
(907) 225-7389

Its particularly awful being on different islands here . Dr. is VERY good at calling me twice a day with updates as well as letting me call Vet Techs for their updates.
Mt McKinley Animal Hospital
Veterinary Specialists of Alaska
Mt McKinley Animal Hospital in Fairbanks
Veterinary Specialists of Alaska in Anchorage
Jan 2015 $6000 Mt McKinley Hosp: blood work for pre-surgery, MRI and radiologist report, one night at the clinic following the MRI;
VSA: pre-surgery consult, surgery fees, 3 nights at the hospital, 4 days of rehab, 2 laser treatments, meds to take home- basically all expenses for what was needed for the surgery and recovery
Excellent care, empathetic staff that went above and beyond what was required for Cocoa's comfort and to accommodate our family. The doctors were amazing, kind, and most importantly did an excellent job caring for Cocoa. The price is outrageous for a pet, yet if you are committed to do the surgery this is the place to go! The rehab doctor was very honest and said Cocoa didn't need PT and printed off exercises for me to do with him. Cocoa was discharged a day early because he was ready, even though the staff knew I would pay for the extra time if they said it was necessary. Well worth the money!!!
AL Northern Alabama
Nov 2015

All American Dachshund Rescue writes: I have checked with some of our volunteers in the N. Alabama area: or or One of our volunteers has used when he thought his dog might need surgery, turned out crate rest and medication was all that was needed!"
Veterinary Surgery of Birmingham 2864 Acton Road
Birmingham, AL
Summer 2013 $2500 cervical surgery
AR Azzore Veterinary Specialists Dr. Terry Dew, DVM, MS., DACVS
2711 E. Parkway Dr., Russellville, AR
May 2012 $2956 Surgery + all pre-op and post-op care (exams, CT scan, blood work, meds, followup visits, etc.) VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center
AR Hillcrest Animal Hospital Dr. Larry Nafe, ACVIM (Neuro)
2900 Kavanaugh Blvd. Little Rock, AR
July 2016 $4492 CT scan, surgery, IV anesthesia, inhalant anesthesia, 5 day stay, suture removal, discharge instructions, dexamethasone, primor, methocarbomal Dr. Larry Nafe is the only vet neurologist in the state of Arkansas. His staff, especially Dr. Andrea Razer, are phenomenal. They consistently made (make) me feel comfortable about the situation.
AUS Univeristy of Melbourne
Australia Aug 2013

AZ Veterinary neurological center 4202 e Raymond st, Phoenix az 6/12 $6000 Mri/surgery Dr knowles is terrific! Referral only
CA A Well Adjusted Pet
Dr. Ilana Strubel MA, DVM, CVSMT, CCRT
physical rehabilitation specialist
A Well Adjusted Pet
1040 Palmetto Ave Pacifica, CA
July 2015

Initial exam $250 included 1 Laser and 1 Water Treadmill, purchased 10 Laser and 10 Water Treadmill for $1245. Office also has other services including Acupuncture.
My dog couldn t walk and stand for 6 months but started to stand after the 3 treatment and walked after the 4 treatment. Dr. Ilana is very caring and kind. During the process, all treatment, medication and supplies needed for my dog were not high pressure sale tactic.
CA Animal Medical Center of East County Dr. Nancy Hampel,DVM, MS, DACVS
600 Broadway, El Cajon, CA
June 2014 $4500 Radiograph, MRI, Heminlaminectomy, 3-nights hospital stay with medication, post-opp medications Dr. Nancy Hampel is an orthopedic surgeon who performed Bandit's surgery. I highly recommend her, as she has the necessary level of skill and expertise to perform neurological surgeries. Bandit's case was very unique and quite difficult, but Dr. Hampel was able to decompress Bandit's spinal cord in a conservative manner. Animal Medical Center of East County is a 24/7 facility. They called to update me at least once a day regarding Bandit's condition.
CA Animal Specialty Group
Dr. Strom (ACVS)
4641 Colorado Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(818) 244-7977
Dec 2014 $5200 included the initial tests, X-rays, CT Scan, CT Myelogram and meds. He was sent home with a sling and gel pack that you microwave for his back. Dr. Strom (ACVS) & Dr. Buks are fantastic surgeons. We are satisfied with the care he received, and would definitely go back. Just a note to have a credit card or other funds available for an emergency because they make you pay half the high end quote right on the spot and that is a large chunk of change for the average family (like us)!
CA California Veterinary Specialists Dr. Dhupa
Carlsbad Hospital
Dec2012 7,500 xrays, bloodwork, 7 day hospital stay, IV, injections, take home meds, bladder expression, etc.
$45 Recheck visits (3 times) every few weeks after surgery
$1200 higher than estimate due to longer surgery time
They have their own doggie ambulance/ transportation services to move pets between their hospitals. Dr. Dhupa. He called me before and after surgery, and every day he was in the hospital. 
The nursing staff at Carlsbad called me every night to update me
CA California Veterinary Specialists
Dr. Concannon
Ontario Hospital
Phone: (760) 431-2273

$90 Emergency walk-in fee when he had his second disc incident
$45 Emergency re-check fee a week after we initiated crate rest
Very knowledgeable and patient as I ask all of my questions. He recommended crate rest, and minimal medications. A previous doctor had mentioned that it's ok for dogs to be on Prednisone long term at a low dose, which worried me. Dr. Concannon assured me that we would not need to do , and even lowered the dose he was already taking because he believes that we have already received the benefits from the Prednisone.
CA East Bay Veterinary Specialists and Emergency
Flippo Adamo Diplomate, ECVN
2803 Ygnacio Valley Road
Walnut Creek, CA
Jan 2014
acupuncture, Neurologist Dr. Adamo is amazing! He takes care of your dog like his. He is very knowledgeable, kind and professional. if you are having an emergency he definitely opens up an appointment right away for you. please do not lose time going to the regular vets or just any ER if your dog is suffering from IVDD. this place not only has Dr. Adamo but many more professionals so they take care of your dog in the right way. it's an ER as well, so you'll be in good hands.
CA SAGE Christina Vitale DACVIM
907 Dell Ave. Campbell, CA
May 2013

The entire SAGE Center for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care is a top notch operation. She is the only Neurology specialist in the entire bay area, so she may be hard to get in with. But if you relay your dogs urgent symptoms, they WILL get you in immediately. Dr. Vitale and her OR nurse Shiela Renee were over the top knowledgeable, helpful, understanding, polite.
CA Sage Veterinary Medical Center Christina Vitale DACVIM 907 Dell Ave.
Campbell, CA 408-715-2908
May 2013

Dr. Vitale was great about keeping us informed once the surgery was complete. We had a couple of follow-up appointments and our dog is back to 100%. We did some PT with him at home; he was progressing so well post-surgery that she did not think we needed to go into the office for PT. Don't let her young looks deceive you - she is highly qualified, and she truly loves dachshunds!
CA VCA Veterinary Specialists of the Valley 22123 Ventura blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Mar 2015 $6495 Included: surgery, mri, critical care consult (they didn't have any neurological appointments the day I brought him in and I didn't want to wait), blood work, X-rays, anesthesia, medication that came home. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. They called me with updates 2x a day while he was there. On the day of surgery they called me in the morning before his mri, after his mri, and after his surgery. Each time they spent a good amount of time answering questions and explaining the procedure. I've also called them since when I was concerned about him not having a bowel movement and his paaing ar the cage, they patiently assisted all times (one was in the middle of the night). They have shown that they are well educated and on top of their fields. I would definitely recommend them.

VCA Animal Specialty Group

Dr. Oliphant, DVM & Dr. Sullivan, ACVIM (Neurology)

4641 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Mar 2018


Surgery, CT Scan, Myelogram, X-rays, four nights in hospital (2 of which were IC unit), Medication to take home, sling and follow up appointments 

Fantastic hospital with daily visitation hours. They have two neurologists on staff. Buffy was treated by Dr. Oliphant (Wed - Sat hours) and she went above and beyond explaining every possible option to us. They do not have a MRI machine in house, but were able to us a CT scan instead. Requires a 50% deposit upon admission and the remaining balance at pickup.

CA VSC Stockton Dr Andrew Frey, DVM
1661 W. Fremont St, Stockton, CA
(209) 467-8727
June 2013

Not only is Dr Frey an emergency animal vet, a hospital but also has a pet Hotel. In this pet hotel, they will take anyone, but most importantly they will take pets with special needs. Mr. Moxie Doxie has to be expressed every few hours so most hotels won't take him. The first time Mox went "down" Dr. Frey was recommended to me by my regular vet. He kept his office open late to see us. Took time to explai Supported us when we chose conservative over surgery and showed us how to express him.
Canada Alta Vista Animal Hospital Ottawa, Canada 613 -731 6851
General DVM, Specialist ACVS and Neurology

Surgery oriented. Several reviewers' comments:
Canada Calgary Holistic Veterinary Clinic
Dr Yanhui Qi ("chee") DVM
105, 1640 16th Avenue NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Practicing primary veterinary care, acupuncture(electro) and Chinese herbal medicines. Onsite cold laser therapy. Dr. Qi is familiar with IVDD and has been working with conservative holistic care for dogs suffering from such episodes for over 15 years.

Dr. Qi and his small team are knowledgeable, kind and love what they do!
Canada Cedarview Animal Hospital Ottawa, Canada
General DVM veterinarians
Dec 2013

Cedar view has excellent physio and rehab care. Dr Gumley and his assistant Sarah are amazing! I took my dog here for 2x weekly physio, acupuncture and water treatment for 10 weeks post op with great results.
Additonal reviewrs' comments:
Canada Dr. Kilburn, Neurology (ACVIM)
VEC - Veterinary Emergency Clinic
VEC - Veterinary Emergency Clinic
920 Yonge St. Suite 117 - Toronto, ON (entrance at rear on McMurrich St.) Tel.: (416) 920-2002

$5,150.05 consultation, surgery, 2 nights hospital stay, drugs etc.

We had additional costs for initial examinations and drugs with our local vet - approx. $400
We are fortunate that the neurologist, Dr. Kilburn, phones frequently to check on her progress so we can discuss any concerns we have - we can call 24/7 to get advice if needed, the hospital will pass on any messages to the neurologist who said 'anytime'
Canada Lakewood Animal Hospital
Dr Tara Hudye BSc., D.V.M., CCRP (pronounced Hoo-dee)
1151 Lakewood Court N.
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Sep 2014
Read more: After visiting 3 different vets in Regina, no one was giving us a positive prognosis. One vet was even implying we'd need to put our dog down after loss of use of hind legs). After complettion of 8 weeks of rest, we got a referral to Dr Hudy. She's AMAZING. She showed us leg massage the legs, exercises at home, laser treatments & water therapy. Ellie has gone from paralyzed to WALKING in under a month. Dr Hudye is so knowledgeable and answers all the questions we have. She makes physio fun and Ellie Mae (our doxie) loves her visits! Vet tech Justine is also amazing and has a great demeanor with dogs.
Canada University of Montreal Teaching Hospital St Hyacinthe, Canada Dec 2013 $3500 included extensive bloodwork, x rays and ultrasound of all major organs to ensure there were no other pre existing conditions before I decided to do the surgery. It's about 3 hours from Ottawa just past Montreal. Fully running 24/7 emergency for small and large breeds. Neurologist ON CALL. MRI machines that are large enough for elephants and state of the art as this is an international teaching hospita. Excellent care, one on one attendant 24/7 during his post op stay, a TEAM of neurologists and calls twice daily with updates over the week. Great follow up- $70 for neuro consult two months later to document progress in case of further injury.
Canada Vets Toronto
Dr. Mitelman, DVM
Vets Toronto
1025 Kingston Road Toronto
Oct 2014

We took pebbles to the vet in Toronto and saw Dr. Mitelman who was amazing! He gave us new hope about pebbles and showed that she still had deep pain sensation and even got her to move her tail. Her new medication included: Prednisone 5mg tablets - 1 pill twice a day for 10 days If anyone in Ontario is looking for help with ivdd I recommend Dr Mitelman
CO Annie's Animal Clinic
Dr. Annette Bradley, DVM
9265 South Broadway, #300
Highland Ranch, CO 
(303) 471-5040
Feb 2017

Takes Care Credit.
There are four vets in the clinic, see Dr. Annette specifically! She was very aggressive with the prednisone, painkillers, and muscle relaxers, and that seems to be a hard thing to find in a vet. Was very accommodating with phone-call check-ins, mailed medication, etc. She called several times throughout the process to check on my dog.
CO Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology
Dr. Stephen B. Lane ACVIM (Neurology)
3550 S Jason St,
Englewood, CO 303-874-2081
May 2013 $7000 Myelogram, surgery, 5 day stay, follow up appointments, goodie bag with toy and treats, a sling. They estimated that everything would be $8,000, and we had to pay half up front. However, it ended up being about $1,000 less than estimated. Everyone was kind and competent, and we got to know the staff well since we visited her every day. About a week after the surgery, Cleo had pain and I called VRCC very late in the day, and Dr. Lane called back immediately to get more information. We had a very positive experience.
CO VCA Veterinarian Specialists of Northern Colorado
Amy Komitor, DVM, ACVIM (Neurology)
 201 West 67th Court
Loveland, CO
Nov 2016 $6500  3 days of medical boarding, MRI (2 locations due to suspicion of additional disc degeneration), Surgery, Medications- including take home, a very thorough aftercare package, follow up with PT veterinarian Would absolutely recommend Dr.  Komitor.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, and does a great job of explaining things in laymen's terms.  The entire time Sundance was being treated at the "regular" vet, I felt uncomfortable.  After speaking with Dr. Komitor I felt much more at ease because it was obvious she knew a lot about IVDD and had treated many dogs with this condition.  The surgery took several hours because the disc was granular and she took the time necessary to do what needed to be done.  I really wish that I had taken Sundance to her immediately upon IVDD diagnosis,  Also the surgery turned out to be lower than what was quoted, so that is of course a bonus.
CT Clinton Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Kenton Moore
93 Old Post Road
Clinton, CT 860-669-5721

I would recommend Dr. Moore at the Clinton Veterinary Hospital. He does both acupuncture and laser therapy as well on site. I don't know how many IVDD cases they do but he has been very helpful and has listened to all of my recommendations for Shorty's care. He has worked side by side with me to give him the best care and treatment plan.
CT Dr. Devon Spencer, DVM
Physical Therapy

Dr. Julia Chant, Acupuncture
Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center
Physical Thera-Pet Canine & Feline Rehabilitation
730 Randolph Road Middletown, CT 860-347-1122

Individual therapy sessions are $75; a package of 8 is $540, and a package of 12 costs $765. Initial evaluations are $115, and subsequent benchmark evaluations are $85; recheck evaluations are $40.

Acupuncture therapy: Package of four sessions: $207; individual sessions: $52
FL AVS Affiliated Veterinary Specialists 9905 South U.S. Hwy. 17-92
Maitland, FL 32751
June 2013

Mary O. Smith B.V.M.& S., Ph.D.
Diplomate,A.C.V.I.M (neurology)

Kara C. Knight D.V.M.
Diplomate, A.C.V.I.M (neurology)
FL Banfield Pet Hospital Dr. Shaw, DVM
731 N Alafaya Trail Orlando, FL 32828
(407) 736-0196
Aug 2013

We highly recommend Dr. Shaw from Banfield in Waterford Lakes shopping center.
Dr. Shaw treats IVDD with acupuncture and herbal treatments. He is also very knowledgeable about IVDD among Dachshunds and other breeds.

Read more:
FL Critical Care & Veterinary Specialist US41 just South of Proctor Rd, Sarasota Florida 34232 July 2012 $4600 MRI and Surgrey and after care Including a rehab video done by the Nuero Surgeon
FL Southeast Veterinary Neurology Dr. Wong, DVM, ACVIM (Neurology)
11 774 SW 88th St., Miami, FL 33186
2015 $5,200
Amazing surgeon!!!
FL Florida Veterinary League
Dr. Sarah Kennedy DVM
Florida Veterinary League
1360 US HWY1, Suite 1
Vero Beach, FL 32960
June 2014
If you are looking for a vet who is caring and willing to fight with you to make sure your dog ends up with the best possible outcome I would suggest the Vets at Florida Veterinary League.
Cost of visits:  We are established to the base price for a visit is 35$.  Dr Kennedy is very pro conservative/alternative treatment, we never once discussed surgery.  We decided to do laser therapy and they charge $220 for 6 sessions and each session includes a short visit with the vet to confirm the treatment is working.  They are truly caring individuals who put the pets needs and the owners pocketbook before their egos.  They work with you to make the care the best for your pet and within your means.  Though Dr Kennedy is not strictly trained with IVDD she is very knowledgeable and willing to hear you out and take your suggestions into consideration.  Like I said there are other vets on staff that she can consult with also. 
FL Southeast Veterinary Neurology 11 774 SW 88th St.
Miami, FL 33186
July 2012 $5900 Everything inclusive: 4 Night stay with MRI and four chest xrays. Beagle with an acute rupture of cervical disc C2-C3. Board certified neurologist using top of the line neuro sx equipment.
GA Allatoona Animal Hospital
Dr. Allison Wansky - DVM and Accupunture/Holistic
Dr. Gina Smith - DVM
6733 Bells Ferry Rd.
Woodstock, GA 30189=

DREAM Dachshund logo DREAM Dachshund Rescue recommends:
Atlanta Area June 2013

Dr Marie Lance & Davorin Bozja in Gainesville, GA.
They utilize a TON of cold laser therapy & other treatments in their clinic. Seem to have the right balance of knowing when to try alternative vs. when surgery
-Dr Becky Banner in Marietta
-Dr Filer is excellent surgeon.
-Dr Greenwood is another great surgeon.
-Georgia Veterinary Rehabilitation - Dr Orenbuch
GA Good Hands Veterinary Hospital 2391 Daniells Bridge Road Athens GA 706-613-1880

Dr. Kucher and her staff at Good Hands Veterinary hospital have been invaluable to the treatment of my two doxies with IVDD. The staff is hands on, helpful, however they are not quick to recommend surgery although the group has close ties to the UGA Vet. hospital. They also offer Laser Therapy.
GA New Hope Animal Hospital,
Dr Clay Leathers, DVM
Dallas, GA

We have a wonderful vet who provided aggressive treatment for izzy from the moment we brought her in. Little did we know that she would be one of the rare cases impacted by Myelomalacia. That is no fault of our vet.
GA Union Hill Animal Hospital
Diane M. Castle, DVM, CVA, AVCA 2853 Lower Union Hill Rd. Canton, GA
(770) 664-8380
May 2013

Dr. Castle was kind, and very knowledgeable. She took the time to explain what steps she would take, and what we could expect over the course of his treatment. We didn't go see her until after his crate rest was over. He didn't walk at all after eight weeks of crate rest and medicine. She recommended acupuncture, and she did it in her office.
GA Univ. of GA. Vet. Teaching Hospital Athens, GA 3/19/12 $3800 Weekend emergency care, MRI, Hemilectomy, two days ICU, one additional day I love UGA! This was asecond surgery and they give great care and love!
GA University of Georgia Small Animal Teaching Hospital 501 D.W. Brooks Drive. Athens, GA 6/3/2009 $3700 $43 for a followup appointment We had a great experience working with the staff. We were explained everything. After deciding on surgery we were given followup calls exactly when we were told they were going to be made. I have to say they did a great job with Bandit and with us. I highly recommend.
IA Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center 755 Capital Drive SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 01/20/12 $3700 surgery, meds, sling, 4-day stay
IA Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Clinic Dr. Aper, DVM, ACVS
755 Capital Dr SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Jan 2015 3,331.55 Emergency and consultation, surgery, sling, meds, myelogram, 2 night stay, suture removal, 6 week post-op appointment Dr. Aper performed the surgery. This is a wonderful, caring hospital. I have already recommended it to everyone I know with pets. They are open 24 hours as well.
IA IVRC (Iowa Veterinary Referral Center) 4631 Merle Hay Road, Des Moines, IA 50322
Feb 2015 2,705.00 Myelogram, Hemilaminectomy, all supplies, 3 day stay one in intensive care and two in basic, All meds I will say these people are awesome. They are open 24-7 with full staff at all times (i dont think they charge after for after hours or emergency fees). During my dogs stay there they were all very nice and accommodating as far as moving him to a room with couches so i could feed him and hold him with no rush on time and constantly calling me to keep me updated on everything (there was never a time where too much time passed where I felt I needed to call them). Post-release I have been back a couple times.. They have never charged me an additional time.. the Vet has worked with me on all my concerns and they provided me with free Dogsure, tube of nutri-cal, and a tray of assorted foods to try to encourage Ziggy to eat. They are also not charging for the Urinalysis they did last night for me or the scheduled two week and 6 week follow ups.
ID Westvet Boise, ID 5/1/11 $3,300 MRI and Disk surgery In on Monday, p/u Wed. Very caring staff
IL Dundee animal Hospital
Algonquin, IL
(847) 658-7787
JULY 2013

Dr. Kris Kamholtz and Dr. Mark Rusley. Understand the power of conservative crate rest and advocate steroid use, pepcid use of pain killers. Will not hesitate to refer out if surgery is needed
IL University of Illinois Teaching Hospital 1008 West Hazelwood Drive, Urbana, Il Oct 2012 $3000 Left side hemilaminectomy - 1 disk

University of Illinois Teaching Hospital

1008 West Hazelwood Drive, Urbana, Il


on facebook:

Mar 2018


Neurology Exam, Spine and Cervical MRI (C-1- T-3), Level 1 Hemilaminectomy,  3 night hospitalization, Level 2 Rehabilitation Service, Therapeutic Laser Therapy Level 1, and all meds for home. 

I highly recommend this hospital and their staff. My pup went in on Tuesday and I picked her up on Friday.  The staff called me everyday 2x/day to give me an update on her progress.  

This hospital accepts appointments for surgery but also has a 24 hr. emergency room for those pups that need surgery immediately.  

This place knows IVDD and knows IVDD surgery!!

IL VCA Aurora 2600 West Galena Blvd., Aurora, IL 1-2-11 $6,488.00 10:00 P.M. on a Sunday night So far I could not be happier. Very clean and professional. A surgeon called me at 12:30 A.M. to let me know how everything went. All nurses have been amazing
IN Purdue University Teaching Hospital West Lafayette, IN 47907 Jan 2013 $2175 CT scan, surgery, neurologist and ortho,  2 days in the hospital and medications and Emergency visit.
IN Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital West Lafayette, IN
May 2013

Tyler got the best of care here when he lost the use of his back legs. I called in and told them we were on the way in with Tyler and they had the Neurology and Ortho team waiting for us.. Plus he had round the clock care and a senior Veterinary student with him at all times. We were so pleased with the caring and knowledgeable attention he got here. They were great as he recovered also with follow up care. Highly recommend Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in West Lafayette, Indiana!
KS Blue Pearl 11950 West 110th, Overland Park, KS 3/27/2012 $3,700 Emergency Surgery, Medication + Two follow-up apts. Cost includes the emergency fee of $400 for service performed after midnight
KS Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine Schermerhorn, Thomas DACVIM )
101 Trotter Hall Manhattan, KS
May 2013
They are open 24/7 for emergencies but they do have normal appointments Mon-Fri, Tell them it's a urgent issue they will have the dr call you back before your appt to see what's going on and how urgent they feel it is. We have used this facility numerous times and have friends who have used them for disk issues in their doxies. KSU Veterinary Medicine 785 532-5690 is a teaching hospital The drs are happy to teach the clients, too, I have learned tons.
KS Meriden Animal Hospital
Dr. Jeff Van Petten DVM
7146 K4 Hwy Meriden, KS
(785) 484-3358
May 2013

We LOVE Dr. Van Petten he has worked miracles with our kiddos, he uses techniques in both eastern and western medicine.
KY Metropolitan Veterinary Specialsts
Dr. Royals, DVM, ACVS
Metropolitan Veterinary Specialists
 (502) 266-7007
11800 Capital Way •Louisville, KY
May 2016 $3500 MRI, surgery, follow up visit, meds. Dr. Royals was incredible. I cannot say enough great things about Metro. The staff, surgeons are amazing. They made me feel comfortable & answered my long list of questions about my Jake.
LA Dr. Kergosien, Louisiana Veterinary Referral Center 2611 Florida Street, Mandeville, LA 70448 8/21/2012 $3400 Emergency Fee & surgery they were great!
LA South Paws Veterinary Specialties
George Edwards, DVM, Surgical Resident,
South Paws Veterinary Specialties
2631 North Causeway Blvd
Mandeville, Louisiana 70471
6/4/2015 $2,936.85 pre-op tests, complete antibiotic shot, MRI, IV, anesthesia, 3 day 2 night level 3 hospitalization, surgery, pain meds, surgery recheck, removal of stitches, additional tramadol for home, PT consult for underwater treadmill and possible laser light therapy at incision site, consultation IVDD 101, call any time to talk to a vet tech or vet to answer any questions! The Director of the Hospital (Robert Hancock, DVM, MS, DACVS), Surgeons, Vet Techs and hospital staff are wonderful.  Everyone at South Paws was wonderful, compassionate and thoroughly explained each step of this new and scary process to us. We knew Hershie was in good hands. After surgery, we were updated that evening by the doctor and every evening the night nurse called and told us they would not leave her alone and would keep her comfortable all night, so I could sleep.
MA New England Animal Medical Center Dr. Bennett, ACVIM
595 West Center St., W. Bridgewater, Ma 508-584-1600
May 2013

Dr. Bennet (& Dr. Davis (Resident) took excellent care of our Doxie when she need SURGERY for her ruptured disk. For follow up and subsequent therapy I recommend Lloyd's Animal Medical Center, 1995 Washington St., Stoughton, Ma. 781-344-2500 for acupuncture and "Animotion" (same address) for water/treadmill therapy. 781-344-1701 They are compassionate and both Lloyd's and Animotion offer a Sr. Discount which is SO appreciated!
MA Recommended by DL moderator, Lisa Sullivan of Massachusetts:
Oct 2013

-Surgeons: Dr. Henry and Dr. Briere:
-Surgeons: Angell Memorial:
-Holistic vet acupuncturist/Board Certified neurologist: Dr. Mark Russo:
MA Tufts University, Dr. Kendra Mikoloski 200 Westboro Rd, North Grafton, MA 01536 2/07/12 $2,796 Hospital stay 4 days, CT scan, Hemilaminectomy T-12/T-13, Fenstration of adjacent discs, meds during stay and meds to take home.

Veterinary Neurology and Pain Management center of New England 

Dr. Stephanie Kube (Neuro ACVIM)  


2250 Providence Hwy, Walpole, MA

Apr 2018

Dr. Kube is also certified veterinary pain practitioner (CVPP) and a certified canine rehabilitation therapist (CCRT)  

Dr. Kube was very honest with me from the beginning, she was kind and understanding. She told me she would not operate on my dog due him doing so well, I have never heard of a Vet saying no to a 6,000$ surgery. She is not a vet interested in people's money, she truly cares about the animal and what is best. She told me something that will stick with me forever, "he might need a surgery in the future due to unexpected paralysis. Save your money for that." I would recommend her to any/everyone.

MD Veterinary Orthopedic and Sport Medicine Group 10975 Guilford Road
Annapolis Junction, MD
Aug 2013

Dr. Ryan Gallagher, DVM, DACVIM I have never felt that cared about in a vet office before. The facility is very nice as well, they had free water, coffee, tea for people waiting. I never waited long. They were wonderful and I couldn't say enough great things about the staff and my experience there.
MD Veterinary Orthopedic and Sport Medicine Group
Dr. Gallagher, DVM, ACVIM (Neurology)
10975 Guilford Road
Annapolis Junction, MD
Sep 2014 $5,647 Xrays, and pre-MRI Bloodwork- $516.20
MRI, surgery, anesthesia costs, 2 night stay at facility post surgery, and all take home medications- $5,131.22
The facility includes a HUGE rehab facility with swim pool, under water treadmills, acupuncture, laser therapy, etc. Every staff member was kind and considerate. I could call 24/7 to the recovery area nurse in detail about how our dog was doing. I spoke with the vet a number of times between consult, scheduling surgery, post MRI, post surgery. I also met with the vet & vet tech for about an hour at discharge, they were more than happy to answer all of my questions. Dr. Gallagher was kind, calm, considerate, and effective. I highly recommend this facility and Dr. Gallagher. Read more:
MI Animal Neurology & MRI 1120 Welch Road, Commerice, Michigan 48390 3/6/11 $7700 6 nites in hospital Dr. called every day with report
MI Dogwood Veterinary Referral Center 4920 Ann Arbor Saline Road
Ann Arbor, MI 
2012 $5500 This included our consult, MRI, surgery, aftercare stay at the surgical center for 4 days and meds 1 ruptured disc repair
MN Bluffs Pet Clinic
Dr. Darlene Cook, DVM, CVA
2518 Old West Main, Red Wing, MN
May 2013
open until 8 p.m. on weekdays and have Saturday hours

First two appointments were around $170. The three after that ranged from $113 to $130.
certified veterinary acupuncturist and studies both Western and Chinese medicine.
The staff is wonderful and great at communication, both with me and with my regular vet.
MN Dr. Wolf Blue Pearl Eden Prairie, Mn. Jul 2012 $3600 Surgery, 2 nights ICU care, meds Very impressed so far!
MN University of Minnesota small animal clinic
Dr. McVey, ACVIM (Neurology)
1365 Gortner Ave. ST. Paul, MN. 55108
Phone : 612-626-8387
Oc 2015 $5000 MRI, Surgery, 6 days stay total ,1 ER visit , medications for home. They kept me well informed and updated on Buddy while he was in the hospital.
MO University of Missouri- Columbia Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital 900 East Campus Drive, Columbia, MO 65211 July 2012 $3,148.95 Right sided hemilaminectomy at L1-L2 & L2-L3; 2 weeks hospitalization; etc.
MS George Edwards, DVM, Surgical Resident

Magnolia Veterinary Surgery, LLC
Magnolia Veterinary Surgery, LLC
Tupelo, MS
(662) 397-0292

A mobile service providing surgical procedures to pets within the comfort of their primary veterinary hospital in the state of Mississippi. They are based in Tupelo, MS.

Magnolia Veterinary Surgery, LLC works with your primary vet to provide advanced surgical procedures, that might not be available to clients otherwise, due to travel or finances.

Visit Magnolia Veterinary Surgery on Facebook
MT Dr. Mark Lawson, DVM
Glacier Animal Hospital
511 2nd Ave. West
Columbia Falls MT 59912

Listens, caring, fantastic bedside manner in addition to extensive knowledge. Dr. Mark Lawson, DVM is experienced in treating a disc episode. He promotes strict crate rest to try to avoid a surgery when possible and medications to provide relief from pain as the anti-inflammatory works to get swelling down.
The University of Georgia
DVM, Veterinary Medicine 1989 1993
NC Carolina Vet Specialists Robert L. Bergman, DVM, or Russell R. Quigley, ACVIM
4099 Campus Ridge Road
Matthews, NC 704-815-3939
May 2013

Experienced, knowledgable vets, excellent treatment and care. Very familiar with IVDD
Great about returning calls to answer questions. Technicians are also excellent
By referral or emergency only
NC Carolina Veterinary Specialists
Dr. Bergman, DVM, ACVIM (Neurology)
Carolina Veterinary Specialists
4099 Campus Ridge Road; Matthews, NC     ph: 704-815-3939
Sep 2016 ~$4000 Emergency spinal surgery, CT scan, post-op care for 3 days including medications, 5-week and 8-week check-up, a sling Dr. Bergman, a neurosurgeon, completed the surgery. We were very happy with Dr. Bergman and his staff in the amount of communication provided and availability for us to call and as questions. Dr. Bergman truly cares about the animals he is treating.
NC Eastern Carolina Veterinary Referral Animal Hospital 50 Greenville Ave.
Wilmington, NC
Oct 2013 $2500 myelogrm, surgery & rehab

North Carolina State  U Veterinary Hospital

Raleigh, NC

919-513-6911 for Small Animal Emergency & Critical Care. Open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Feb 2018 $3,333

Included X-ray, ct scan, uncomplicated surgery of one disc site and fenestration, medications and two days stay at hospital. 

We saw resident Dr Green under Dr Olby (neurology ACVIM). Went in through ER for IVDD episode. The vets at NCSU we’re amazing. I would highly recommend them.

NC North Carolina Veterinary Referral Clinic 126 US Hwy 321 SW, Hickory, NC 28602 8/4/2015 $4,500 X-rays, meds, CT scan, surgery, 2 week stay, rehabilitation during stay (underwater treadmill), harness, exams I couldn't be happier with our experience with this facility. The surgeon and tech staff are very helpful. Since it is a 24 hour facility, you can call or visit any time. I would call in the morning and at night before bed to check on my pup. I would visit during the day. I am currently bringing my doxie for extra rehabilitation water therapy. It is about $400 and it includes 10 sessions with the amazing PT on site. Highly recommend this therapy.
NC North Carolina Veterinary Referral Clinic
Dr. Hani Korani, DVM


126 US Hwy 321 SW, Hickory, NC

828-705-3837  Emergency Services – 24 / 7

Feb 2018

Understands conservative treatment.

Dr. Hani Korani, DVM said "with her condition as long as she is inactive for those 8 weeks, he feels she is in that 70% who will recover with crate rest. He stressed that crate rest is the key. The meds keep her comfortable."

NJ Garden State Veterinary One Pine Street, Tinton Falls, NJ
2/29/16 $6700 MRI, Surgery, associated anesthesia costs, ER fee, neurologist consultation fee, all meds during stay, 9 days of medical stay, 3 urinary catheterizations, cost of urine culture (almost $200), sling, meds for home). For the medical stay/associated treatments, testing, and medications it cost about $700. The MRI with anesthesia, ER/neuro fees was 2500. And MRI+surgery and 3 days hospital stay was about $6000. Expensive to get spinal surgery, but couldn't be happier with the outcome. Each time we went to visit our dog, the neurologists spent time with us telling us how he was doing and what they were going to do. Very nice vet techs and doctors.
NJ Garden State Veterinary Specialists
Erika A. Gibson, DVM, DACVIM
1 Pine Street
Tinton Falls, NJ
Oct 2013

This Vet is well worth the trip from anywhere in the area.
Comfortable with the conservative route.
Excellent Surgeon.
NJ Garden State Veterinary Specialists/Dr. Erika Gibson 1 Pine Street, Tinton Falls, NJ 07753 2-24-12 $6525 ER exam; morphine; fluids; MRI; xrays; fentanyl patch; anesthesia; tramadol; vertebral hemilamin While it was pricey, the facility is excellent & the surgeon was very nice & very professional. She called me everyday with an update & took her time answering my questions.
NJ Red Bank Vet. Hospital/Dr. Glass

197 Hance Ave, Tinton Falls,  NJ

April 2012 $6000 ER services, neuro exam, MRI, 6 day hospital stay, followup visit Excellent, compassionate care; full rehab. facility (acupuncture, laser, hydro, massage, strengthening, etc.)
NJ Red Bank Vet. Hospital/Dr. Glass (Neuro, ACVIM) 197 Hance Ave, Tinton Falls,  NJ Dec 2017 $9100

emergency intake, MRI, surgery, 5 nights stay, all meds (prednisone, tramadol, cephalexin, Pepcid), 2 follows up visits (10 day post-op, 6 weeks post-op)

It's a miracle! Even though my dog had deep pain sensation, Dr. Glass only gave him about 50% chance of walking again because of the trauma to his spine (herniated disc due to fall from bed) and he just graduated from crate rest this week (as of 1/16/18) and he is walking great! If it wasn't Dr. Glass, another neurosurgeon from his department called me every single day to update and a vet tech called as well at night to let me know how he was doing.  Red Bank is extremely expensive, but it's definitely money well spent.  I recommend Dr. Glass to anyone in the area!

NJ Red Bank Veterinary Hospital
Penelope Rochelle, DVM, CVA, CVSMT
210 Newman Springs Road
Red Bank, NJ (732) 747-3383
Oct 2013

NM Animal Neurology & Imaging Center Animal Neurology & Imaging Center
5 Camino Karsten
Algodones, NM 87001
July 2015 7300 MRI, Anesthesia, Surgery, Hospitalization, Medications, Follow-up Appt.
NV Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center 8650 W. Tropicana Avenue, Ste. B-107, Las Vegas, NV 89147 Jan 2012 $3300 CT, Hemilaminectomy T9-T12, 2 overnight stays, take home pain meds and NSAID
NY Animal Specialty Center 9 Odell Plaza, Yonkers, NY 10701 Sept 2012 $6,866 (LAMINECTOMY), Anesthesia, MRI, IV's, catater, various blood tests, ER visit I cannot say enough how wonderful the people who work at ASC are, they are truly angels.
Blue Pearl Vet 107-28 71st Road Forest Hills NY 11375 Dec 2015 8800 blood test, CT, myelogram, surgery, 2 night stay. Work up included blood, physical exam, ct scan and myelogram $3300 Surgery covered the surgery and meds $4400; 2 night hospital stay was another $781, and that is it. No sling, not a hell of a lot of patient education.

House Call Vet - NYC

Dr. Jeff Levy, DVM, CVA

Mobile Vet

Dr. Jeff Levy, DVM, CVA

House Call Vet NY, NY


Apr 2018

certified veterinary acupuncturist (IVAS), pain management

If anyone is looking for a mobile vet who also performs acupuncture services I highly recommend Dr. Jeff Levy. He is currently performing at home acupuncture sessions for my dog. He's extremely patient, very responsive, and is just a wonderful guy. He also came highly recommended by my neurosurgeon and general DVM.

Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island (VMCLI) 75 Sunrise Highway, West Islip, NY 10-19-2011 $4,700 MRI-Surgery-3 day post stay-medications- physical therapy overview-follow up visits The staff at VMCLI are amazing people who don't push surgery on the owner. I tried conservative therapy but my dogs condiction was so severe, surgery had to have been done. They were attentive, kept me in the loop everyday pre surgery, post surgery and check in on my dog as well. Amazing staff, great facility. Worth every penny.
NY VERG  Dr. Sessums, DVM, ACVIM (Neuro)
318 Warren Street Brooklyn, NY
Aug 2016 $7000 2 MRIs + surgery  medication to take home + stay at the hospital The neurologist we saw was Dr. Sessums, DVM ACVIM (Neuro). There is another surgeon named Dr. Kahn, DVM, ACVS (ortho) who also does the same surgery but it would be best to see Dr. Sessums. Dr. Sessums is also very good with responding to e-mails as well. 1st recheck is free and afterwards, the neurologists has you call in with updates in two week intervals.
NY Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center of Westbury Dr. Carrie Santare DVM, DACVIM/Neurology
609-5 Cantiague Rock Road
Westbury, NY 
Je 2016 $7200 Total for surgery, 1 overnight, MRI, Meds, Sling, also had three fatty lumps removed while un I would highly recommend Dr. Carrie Santare
for Neurology & Surgery if ever needed. She was lovely, did not push surgery, skilled surgeon with difficult disk situation, has a doxie of her own, and has been responsive with email follow up and putting us as ease. The staff at the hospital was friendly and responsive as well.
NY Tomas Infernuso, DVM, ADVS JULY 2013

I live in NYC where everything is triple the price of normal rates. I first went to the "top neuro" who wanted to charge me $10,000 for this surgery! Thank god I found Dr. Infernuso. Not only did he save me a fortune but he saved my Gizmo from paralysis. I cannot say enough about how amazing and brilliant he is. He made a miracle out of Gizmo. Also he is kind and compassionate and he was in constant contact with me post surgery.
OH Mertopolitan Vetrinary Hospital 1053 S. Cleveland- Massillon Rd, Akron, OH 44321 9/2012 $3,528.59 Exam, OVSN TWA Eam, IV, Anesthesia, MRI, Surgery, OVSN case management, 2 days stay
OK Oklahoma State University Stillwater, OK Apr 2012 $1700 Laser Disc Ablation
OK Veterinary Surgery Center, Brent Newcomb, DVM, MS, ACVS 13551 N. Indiana, Oklahoma City, OK 73134 8/21/12 $1800 PLDA on C 2-3 thru 6-7 and T 10-11 thru L 5-6 Highly recommend Dr. Newcomb. He is thorough, communicates well and is a wiener dog lover (he has one himself)
OR Animal Kind Holistic Veterinary Clinic
310 E California Street
Jacksonville, OR 541-702-2288
May 2013

Jeffrey Judkins, DVM - he used to practice in Portland and moved to Jacksonville a few years ago. Initial visit was $100.00 and subsequent $60.00
My dog had electro acupuncture five times. Might have continued, but she had another IVDD episode and surgery. Dr. Judkins said he has treated a lot of dachshunds with IVDD with great results. Very good with Daphne.
OR Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center 3265 Biddle Rd
Medford, OR 97504
May 2013

Steven Ferreira, DVM, ACVS, does emergencies, open 24/7 365 days a year.
Does recommend crate rest for at least 6 weeks,
OR Wildwood Animal Hospital
Dr. Paul Haughom, DVM

1404 NE 181st Ave
Portland, OR 97230
t: (503) 665-1126

Dr. Paul and his staff worked with me with my dog's IVDD before her surgery to conservatively treat her bulging neck disk with a combination of drugs and laser therapy, when it was not effective, we did go to another hospital that specialized in neuro surgery and Dr. Paul was especially helpful in prescribing drugs when my dog experienced some small relapses after surgery. He's quite comfortable in providing the proper combination of drugs and recognizes that it's important to get the swelling down and the dog out of pain for proper healing during the crating process. He was open to my suggestions of drugs therapies that I learned on this board, but he also spent time researching them first and making sure to provide the correct dosages given my dogs existing medical concerns.
PA Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services (CARES) 2010 Cabot Boulevard West
Langhorne, PA 19047
Feb 2014 $5481 Emergency services, MRI, blood work, surgery, 3 nights hospitalization, medications $5481.
The love and care and daily pictures they sent me were free.
Dr. Darrin, the neurologist, was absolutely amazing. Treated like family. Everyone there was so wonderful and warm and caring and I just can't say enough good things, down to the calming Tazo tea I was offered. Given: organized packet of discharge instructions, lab results, and detailed invoice not to mention a "Certificate of Bravery" for Nelson. Can call any time 24/7 with any questions.
PA Metropolitan Veterinary Associates

2626 Van Buren Avenue
Norristown,  PA
Mar 2017

Treating conservatively with prednisone.
SC Upstate Veterinary Specialists Rennie Waldron, DVM, ACVIM neurology
393 Woods Lake Road, Greenville SC
July 2016 $3600 meds for home, sling, etc.): included initial evaluation, surgery, Xray, bloodwork, CT scan, IV fluids and medications while in hospital, take home medications and 4 days in hospital. Is to also include staple removal and follow up at 4 weeks. My only complaint is no stomach protector was given while Ike was started on prednisone following surgery while in the hospital. He developed a stomach ulcer and vomited blood after only 2 days at home and required an additional 5 days in the hospital plus stomach CT, bloodwork, urine test for UTI, IV fluids and medications. All of this was an additional $2400. Wish I had known ahead of time about the importance of the stomach protector. I would have insisted on it.
SC Veterinary Specialty Care Dr. Schlicksup, DVM ACVIM (Neuro )
985 Johnnie Dodds Blvd - Mt Pleasant, SC 29464
Cost: $5500
SEP 2016 $5500 MRI, 4 days (3 nights) hospitalization,  catheter, meds for home --> Gabapentin - Vetprofen - Simplicef,  e-collar

 $600 of the $5500 were for emergency - after hours fees as the surgery was an emergency surgery on a weekend.
Professional and caring staff.  Terrific surgeon, Dr. Schlicksup, DVM ACVIM (Neuro),  who has been very responsive post surgery.

White Knoll Veterinary

Dr. Racheal Todd, DVM


518 Kyzer Road

Lexington, SC

Apr 2018

Rx'd 8 weeks of strict rest during conservative treatment. Wonderful, highly emotive, highly hands on, love her to pieces! We won't be going anywhere else!

TN Dr. Jamie Clanin, DVM
Central Veterinary Hospital, 1212 W. Clinch Ave., Knoxville. Dr.

I can't heap enough praise. Dr. Jamie Clanin is knowledgeable, compassionate, and direct. When I originally said I couldn't afford surgery, she instructed me on crate rest for at least an hour. She fully answered every question I had. They gave me an expression lesson free of charge during my first week of bladder panic after surgery. Clanin's instruction matches everything I have read on the Dodgerslist Suport and Care Forum to a "T."
University of Tennessee Knoxville, TN Apr 2012 $4,000 MRI, overnight stays, medication
University of Tennessee Vet Hospital 2407 River Drive , Knoxville, TN
865-974-8387 index.php
3/2/2011 $3400 including 3 day stay, CT & myelogram excellent care, accept CareCredit http://www.carecred
University of Tennessee Veterinary Teaching Hospital 2407 River Drive, Knoxville TN 37996
8/19/2015 $3,737 MRI, Emergency Hemilaminectomy for severely ruptured disc, 2 days and 2 nights at hospital, meds for home. Wheelchair and therapy will be about $500 more. my experience has so far been positive
TX Bay Area Veterinary Specialist 12855 Gulf Freeway, Houston, Texas 77034 Aug 2012 $3900 CT scan, surgery, 2 days hospital, meds I was impressed with the results! Very friendly.
TX Compassionate Care Veterinary Services
Dr. Maria Williams, DVM
8607 Wurzback Rd., Blgd S
San Antonio, TX 210-641-4447
AUG 2013

Holly, with Diamond Dachshund Rescue in San Antonio, has a vet recommendation. Holly has rehabbed many dachshunds and is a big supporter of Dodgerslist. Dr. Williams treats all of the Diamond Dachshund Rescue dogs.
TX Compassionate Care Veterinary Services
Dr. Maria L. Williams
8607 Wurzbach Road, Building T
San Antonio, TX
Ph 210-641-4447

Holistic Vet offering acupuncture and laser and traditional medicine
TX Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center 4444 Trinity Mills Road, Suite 203, Dallas, TX 75287 12/11/11 3444.40 Emergency Fee (Sunday) Initial imaging & exam, Surgery & Surgical supplies, Anesthesia, Meds , 5 day hospital stay Recheck exam: $85 each (1-4 visits), X-ray: $90 each (2-3 per visit) Dr. Wells came highly recommended, she also performs percutaneous laser disc ablation (which I am researching).
TX Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center
Dr. Vasanjee BVSc, MS, ACVS, DACVS
115 E Old Settlers Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78664 Nov 2015 3600 Covered the CT Scan, 3 days stay, meds for home The Surgeon was excellent and the care of the facility was amazing. The care and concern exhibited by both were very much appreciated. The fact that we were recommended a vet that could make house calls was wonderful and again, the care provided and the concern shown was very much appreciated.
TX Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Services 115 East Old Settlers Blvd., Round Rock, TX 512-351-4333
Sep 2013 $3581.02 Pre-op, Surgery, Post-op; 3 day stay I was extremely impressed with this hospital. Hank's doctor did a great job explaining every step of the process and made me feel confident under his care. Everyone in this clinic is friendly and personable.
Randall Longshore/ Gulf Coast Veterinary Neurology 3800 SW Frwy, Suite 136, Houston, TX 77027 March 2012 $4,768.25 after hours emergency visit, 3 days hospital stay, MRI, radiographs, CT Scan, Spinal Hemilaminectomy, EKG (grade 3 heart murmur) They were absolutely wonderful
TX Shadow Creek Vet Clinic
Dr. Charles Collins, DVM
 11041 Shadow Creek Pkwy, Suite 10, Pearland, TX

I have worked with Dr. Collins on other rescued Ivdd dogs, great plan for conservative treatment, laser therapy treatments, very caring staff and a small practice.  ~ Phyllis Boedeker • intake and Foster Parent Coordinator • Dachshund Rescue of Houston
TX Texas A&M College Small Animal Clinic Bryan-College Station Texas Nov 2011 $3500 Hospital stay, 7 days,
update calls 2 x a day, meds sent home with release, included in price

UK Chestergates Veterinary Hospital
Luca MottamDipl ECVN, MRCVS, RCVS
Telford Court, Gates Lane
Chester, CH1 6LT
Tel: 01244853823
Jan 2015 £5,700 included Saturday call out charge, 3 nights hospitalisation, blood tests, MRI, 2 x medication, X-rays, surgery. telephoned me personally immediately after surgery and the next day. Said I could go and visit whenever I wanted.
i had a problem with my insurance and they sorted it for me I didn't have to speak to insurance at all. Was only covered up to £4,000 so had to pay half of the balance up front and then they sorted a three month payment plan for the rest.
Surgeon was on hand at all times answering my many emails personally and advising me throughout.
UK Dick White Referrals Six Mile Bottom, Cambridgeshire Nov 2013 $8,195 5,000 British pounds for 2 surgeries: 11/15+11/20 Consultation, daily neurological exam by her surgeon (13 days), hospitalization (14 days), inpatient physiotherapy (10 days), labs, hosp + home meds, 2 MRIs, Anaethesia for 2 surgeries, and 2 surgeries. The actual cost, because of the need for the second follow-up surgery, was actually $10,411.64 (6,353.18 British pounds) but at the inital consult they provided an estimated costs and applied a discount to keep the total cost within the range provided initially. I am so pleased with the whole experience, the staff was outstanding. I would use them again in a minute.
UK Eastgate Veterinary Group Mildenhall
Nov 2013

they are a great facility & staff and my local vet.
UK Fitzpatrick Referrals Halfway Lane, EashingGodalming, Surrey
tel: 01483 423761
Aug 2013

Based just outside Godalming in Surrey but take dogs from all over the UK and also from some European Countries now . This orthopedic and neurology specialist centre is exceptional in its pioneering treatments . They stress they are open 24/7 for emergency referrals, urgent referrals and crucially, advice for general medicine vets over the phone. Nothing I can say in praise can do justice to how fantastic they have been with both Milo and Louie both in the neuro surgery for ruptured discs and for the aftercare and support.
UK Highcroft Veterinary Referrals 615 Wells Road Whitchurch Bristol
Tel: 01275 838473

I was so impressed with Nick MacDonald when Frankie had her initial appointment with him and had every confidence in his abilities as a surgeon. He phoned with the results of the scan, again following the surgery and after he assessed her the morning after her op. The overnight vet also contacted me twice with updates. They have 24 hour on call and a vet on site 24/7 too. There is a physio that consults at the hospital and Frankie will be seeing her tomorrow. Our bill is currently around £2600, with a follow-up appointment and physio to be added to that.
UK Torringtons orthapeadics Torrington Orthopaedics IES House Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 1NQ U.K.
Telephone 01484 404770
Sept 2014 4800 gbp included in the price was MRI, operation and all meds for her stay in hospital and for 2 weeks at home. She was in hospital 8 days They were absolutly fabulous and kept me informed and updated every bit of the way.
many thanx to Dodgerslist
UK Highcroft vet referrals 615 wells road, Whitchurch, Bristol, BS14 9BE Dec 2015 £3310 CT scan, blood tests, surgery, meds in hospital, 8 day stay, PT during her stay and 5 days worth of Tramadol to take home. Great vets. We were referred to them by our local vet and had a consultation at 10.30am, the scan and results were in by 1pm and the operation had been completed and the surgeon called us by 3.30pm. Couldn't have asked for better. They also called us twice a day with updates. If you have insurance they accept direct payments from your insurance company which means you have little/nothing to pay on the day making them very easy to deal with.
UK Queen Mother Hospital for Animals (QMHA) of the
Royal Veterinary College University of London
near Potters Bar in Hertfordshire
Nov 2015 £3932 Emergency consult:£350
Ct scan:£765
Hospital per day:£37.52
Physio per day:£37.64
Hydrotherapy in patient:£39.75
Medication per day: meloxicam-£13.92 physeptome (methadone)-£22.91
We were referred from our local practice so Murray could receive the specialist care he needed. This is a rough bill as Murray has 2 more appointments before he is fully discharged. He came home without medication so we no longer have medication costs. All in all I would pay this all over again just to have our little boy home and well. The staff at the QMHA are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone
VA Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates
Surgeon is DVM, ACVS
120 East Cornwell Lane, Purcellville, VA 20132
Mar 2015 $5726 MRI, ER, 10 day in the hospital and all meds while in.
I don't think this includes the follow up visits and we don't have our sling yet, but I will update as we go along. The vets and tech staff were very helpful and the surgeon and I talked daily,
The total bill, including the LONG hospitalization was just under the $5800 quote($5725.97). The surgeon was nice and dropped his hospitalization to "boarding" for the last few days. The quote was $1500 for the MRI, which included tranquilization and any prep, the surgery and follow up care was quoted at $3400, he did have the emergency fee, because we showed up at 10:30pm, Wed. 3/18. Surgeon is DVM, M.S Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons.
VA Bush Veterinary Neurology Services Drs. Joli Jarboe and David Brewer DAVCIM The LifeCentre
165 Fort Evans Road NE
Leesburg VA 703-669-2829
May 2013

Both Drs Jarboe and Brewer were excellent.
VA Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA,
540) 231-4621 http://www.vetmed. neurology.asp
July 2011 $2600 CT, Surgery, 5 days post-op care Excellent- everyone was wonderful and they will work out payment arrangements if needed. Mine was an emergency after hrs. case. No extra charge.
VA Virginia- Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
Samantha Emch, DVM, Resident, Neurosurgery
245 Duck Pond Drive
Blacksburg, Va 24061
Mar 2015 $3700 MRI, blood work, 3 nights and 2 days in ICU, anesthesia, discharge pain meds, constant supervision before and after surgery (left hemilaminectory for ruptured disc), $3700.00. One month follow up visit with full exam and a harness to take home $70.00. The Neurology Dept here was wonderful. We were very pleased with all staff. The surgeon called or saw us every day. The 4th year Veterinary candidate assigned to Lola called 3 times every day with an update. And they continued to call after her discharge. The system seemed to work very smoothly and the environment is very caring. We were impressed with the thoroughness of educating us about the process before, during and after. No question went unanswered. We would highly them. Dr Samantha Emch was the surgeon for Lola.
WA Animal Hospital by the Sea
Jean Dieden DVM
114 2nd Street, Langley, WA
ph: 360-331-8090

IVDD knowledgeable in conservative treatment
WA Animal Medical Clinic of Seattle (ACVS specialists) 14810 15th Avenue NE, Suite B
Shoreline, WA 98155
Feb 2015 4,572.82 She spent two nights with them. I could call 24/7 and talk to a vet tech or a vet for updates. That was great.
The surgery itself was $1,500. The rest of the charges were for X-rays, myelogram, and medication.
I really do highly recommend these guys - very professional, skilled, and compassionate. (I am extremely pleased with my dachshund's recovery, and with this surgical clinic
WA Camano Island (Washington State) Vet. Dr. Winger, DVM
June 2013

She treated Donte after he was Diagnosed with IVDD. We did Conservative Treatment an she was Awesome. I would Highly recommend her.
WI Hayward Animal Hospital
15226 W Co Rd B
Hayward, WI 715-634-8971
JULY 2013

Went to Hayward animal Hospital, Hayward Wisconsin while on vacation and my already paralyzed Doxie was suffering from a cervical disk issue. They were very compassionate and confident and helped us through a very stressful situation. Don't remember the Dr.'s name, but I was very pleased with how we were treated and the fact that the Dr. Stressed addressing the swelling and pain issues as well as 2months crate rest!
University of Wisconsin-School of Veterinary Medicine 2015 Linden Drive, Madison, WI
Phone:608-263-7600; 800-386-8684
June 2013 $4223 Total cost for surgery, MRI, Ultrasound & chest xray (plus the routine charges of medication and hospital stay)$4223.00 Heidi Barnes-Heller DVM, DACVIM
VES (Veterinary Emergency) 1612 High Point Road. Middleton, WI Feb 2012 $3,400 Surgery, hospitalization, meds, etc.

Addt'l $1K spent beforehand for CT Scan to diagnose

Wisconsin Vet Referral Center Wisconsin Vet Referral Center
Waukesha, WI 866-542-3241
7/29/2015 $6250 lab work, radiograph, ultrasound and echocardiogram, MRI were performed. Everything up through the MRI was the $3546 (incl. 2 night's stay); $2704 was for the surgery, 1 additional nights stay, and meds. I was very happy with the care that I received here.