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& ways to lesson the chance of making existing back problems worse
Dodger's List
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Always select a reputable breeder. Many believe IVDD is hereditary and reputable breeders always study and know the dogs in a pedigree.  Reputable breeders may have  less incidence of back problems.

  1. Always keep your Dachshund trim.
  2. Limit their jumping as much as possible. Purchasing ramps may help. Ideas for making your home back friendly
  3. Feed a good nutritious diet.
  4. Find a vet that knows the breed and discuss with them their treatment(s) for disc disease. A checklist of questions to ask the ER, general and specialist vets)
  5. Use common sense and avoid circumstances that could cause injuries to a long-bodied dog. A lot of injuries occur because of slipping, sharp turns, running into things and twisting.
  6. Get your Dachshund used to a crate as a puppy in case of any future circumstances which would require a pro-longed confinement.
  7. Keep the nails cut short
  8. A harness may prevent extra stress on the neck area.
  9. Always pick up your Dachshund supporting the back. (photo)
  10. Know the common IVDD drugs and their adverse reactions




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